Ultra combo Rash bgs 2015


Aww. I still can’t hear.

Looks kinda goofy, but if we had a better view i’d say otherwise.

Was that muscle flex at the end his taunt? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t care what anyone says - Rash is an awesome addition to KI.

Thanks for the video.


Even if Rash is uber goofy looking (probably because of his Retro) I will wholeheartedly enjoy playing him :grin: he really seems fun and with his moveset, there is a lot of tech to learn.

Also, quick side note, why didn’t he go for three Ultras!? Rash has a standing recapture?


A little bit of polishing to some transitions should do it. But, for the most part it doesn’t look too off. Then again, when I look back at other cast members, Rash’s Ultra isn’t all that funny looking.

When can I hear Rash’s Ultra?

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Next year when Killer Instinct Season 3 is officially release in March 2016 :wink: :smile:

You mean now woth the access. IT IS THE PAUSE BEAT.

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