Ultra Breaker Suggestion

Okay, my original post was idiotic. I am a scrub and a joke. I apologize for wasting everyone’s time and encourage all who come across me to double/triple Ultra me every chance they get. Perhaps it’ll toughen me up. Perhaps it’ll just bring me down to your level. Regardless, I must be a petty jackass and I encourage a moderator to close this.


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As big a jerk move as some guys can pull off in game, the double and triple ultras are still fair. We may not like to sit through them, and obviously they can throw off pacing, but if the opponent earned them and won fairly, it should be their right to ultra. If they are being a jerk, use the xbox feedback to give them negative feedback and probably move on. Dwelling on losses can really bring down your game, so it’s better to try and let go.

In the end, the double and triple ultras aren’t so big a problem as is the teabagging and taunting excessively. Double and Triple ultras at the end of a best of 3 isn’t a big deal to me, and even seeing Rash dance and hearing Spinal cackle isn’t a big irritation. There are just certain circumstances and actions though where you can tell though someone UNDENIABLY wants to be a jerk.

Now the “bench” idea oversteps a lot. Usually a time out punishment is something that should be reserved for offenders of special circumstances who just need to be reminded online is a privilege, not a right. Cheating, going AFK in games to merely farm rewards while exerting no effort, exploiting game altering glitches and negatively impacting the online experience for players in mass is something of grounds for some real time out punishment. But punishing a player simply for getting a triple ultra, something that doesn’t involve any kind of cheat, glitch, or exploit, and is something the game is designed to actually do seems a little unethical, in the fact they are being punished for doing nothing wrong other than being a little irritating.

If anything needs to happen, there should be a peace out option like has been suggested to allow you early exit in case you end up against someone who likes their double and triple ultras, but punishing them for these fair to use options is unreasonable.

Regardless of whether they have to guess a correct strength or correct attack type, the time out punishment shouldn’t be used as a gameplay mechanic but as a geniune punishment for more malicious behavior that warrants more drastic action.

I think in this regard, Xbox should take a little more pride in its feedback system, as it seems very lackluster at the moment and less than effective at times.

Also consider, a new player just bought KI and is trying to do a double ultra because he’s super into the game and really trying new stuff, and BAM, you break his ultra, and all the hype is gone, and not only that, he now has a time out period. So he’s punished for celebrating? Just don’t seem right, and it gives the game a bad rep. Basically it’s like a bait or something where you have these finishers, but you shouldn’t use them because they can get you kicked out of multiplayer if you use them.

There is a thread similar to this one but my thoughts on Ultra Breakers is this…

Terrible. Ideal.

Benched for five minutes? For winning?


More for being a douche and not so much winning, but call it what you will.

@IronFlame Yeah, fair points and all. But it doesn’t change the massive waste of time that it is for e-peen glamour. I’m just a bit harsher on unsporting conduct, I guess. Possibly too much, but I’ll stand by it.

How is it un-sporting? If you don’t want to get ultra’d, make sure you don’t lose. That’s really all there is that can be done. You’re complaining about a game element that has always been around, if they double ultra, they had an instinct you didn’t make them use. I full ultra everyone if I get the chance. Call me whatever you want, it frustrates you, meaning I win the mental game and I win next round too. This whole, oh, you pressed dp motion 3p you’re disrespectful is a bunch of crap. It is time to think how you lost, what you can counter, and ways to change your game plan. They are giving you resources and you’re choosing to complain rather than utilize that extra 10-20 seconds. You don’t get to hit char select in ranked like you can at a tourney. I would rather use my resources to win more, than complain and hope the game favors me since that wont happen.

Whats unsportsmanlike is trying to weasel out of taking your licks by quitting or asking for a means of ending someone’s ultra combo. KI has always been about doing the biggest combos possible, if you can’t handle a little showboating after a loss or you’re in so much of a rush you can’t watch an ultra combo you might want to try a different fighting game.

I don’t mean to sound rude but honestly the goal of KI is to defeat your opponent with the biggest, flashiest, shadow meter fueled, juggle-fest you possibly can before you drop that sucker. The original KI had “humiliations” for a reason, its supposed to be lighthearted fun instead of something to take personally.

Don’t like that double ultra? Beat him next round and show him what you’ve got with an even flashier finisher. Or maybe that’s just me. I mean for god’s sake, we’re on ULTRA-COMBO.COM here people, not ITS-RUDE-TO-ULTRA-COMBO.COM.


Double & triple ultras are mainly disliked cos they take up time that could be used to get to the next match. Why would anyone that dislikes them for that reason want to do “an even flashier finisher” as some sort of revenge?

My problem with ultras is that you have to sit through a pre-canned animation till someone actually gets to do unique juggles. @TheKeits, Would it be possible to have another ultra ender that does the last hit of an ultra? LP+LK could be used as the input. Not that this idea would stop show boating with double/triple ultras but I think it could be a nice addition to ultras.

Because people shouldn’t be in such a hurry, this is a game. Games are supposed to be fun, if you’re in a rush play a racing game.

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They already have that…any time during an ultra you hit MP+MK and it does one big final hit. You just have to start a regular Ultra first.

Personally I don’t see it as that big of a problem. Like someone else already said…it’s a reward. to do a double/triple ultra you can’t use Instinct, and if you want an even bigger one you can’t use Shadow meter either…so to start off you’re playing with one hand tied behind your back. And then you still have to pay attention to timing and make sure you’re landing everything properly…you have to earn your reward if you want it big. And good for them if they can pull it off.

From a competitive POV…I can kinda understand it, and maybe something could be done about higher ranks (maybe after you get to Killer it will only pop your MP+MK move instead of a full ultra?) But even then like I said earlier, you’re punishing winners from getting the reward they earned.

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Ultra enders are different to the last hit of an ultra. Eg: Jagos’ ultra ender does a spinning slash that pushes the opponent away and you can’t juggle off of it. The last hit of Jagos’ ultra is a multi hitting Tiger Fury, which you can juggle off of.

I thought the goal of KI was to win your matches. If it was too pull off “the flashiest combos possible”, then a double plus ultra would be the only way to win. And you don’t always lose to skill online, as it is online and carries the inherent issue of lag no matter how good KI’s net code is.

I clearly appear to be in the minority here, though, so I’ll accept that my view isn’t well-received. Apologies for making another topic on it.

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I still think a “peace-out” option, a la what was discussed in Season 2, would be ideal.

Winner still gets to beat up a rag doll, loser gets to move on to the next match.

I’m sure there’s a very good reason why this would be extremely difficult to program… but boy would that be the silver bullet here.


start playing on PC. If your opponent starts 2x-3x ultra just alt+tab and check your email or watch a you-tube vid on how to punish X character you just lost to bad enough they didnt need to use their Instinct meter. Or get up and get a drink or stretch, its not good to be sitting too long anyways.


Absolutely agreed - I take that time to refresh. Get some water, what have you.

Well, I can’t fault you for wanting to try and take a more frustrating aspect of the game and trying to find a way to make it a little less so, or just trying to find an idea which should help improve the game in general. Sometimes though, the saltiness of a loss prompts us to be a little unrealistic in our perception of what’s “fair”, and while the double and triple ultra can sometimes be a jerk move, it’s not anything worth for punishing people.

If anything, MS needs to update it’s reputation system a bit to ensure it more accurately reflects whether or not the person you are playing has a scumbag reputation or is a general good player with an interest in showing off a little.

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True story - my rating got tarnished while trying to learn the ropes in COD Multiplayer.

I accidentally took the wrong care package, and a team-mate reported me for unsportsmanlike conduct.

It was a mistake. AFAIK, my rating is still imperfect (but I haven’t checked in so long because this incident left a very sour taste in my mouth).

That’s no good. Time for everyone to go spam Marbledecker’s GT with positive feedback.

Positive feedback? I was going to suggest negative feedback.

I may have misread the situation.

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Sorry, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet so I might not have been clear.

Basically: I didn’t know the game well and took the wrong care package in the heat of the game, an honest mistake - despite my being quite apologetic over team chat, this dude was super angry and reported me for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Like - if I told him I didn’t care and he was a whiner and should go cry to mommy, I’d get it - but it was an honest mistake which I apologized for.

Hehe - I was told that the bad rating drops off over time, and this was a LONG time ago so hopefully it has. I haven’t checked because the whole situation left me feeling quite disillusioned with the rating system.

No no, I was making a joke and saying we should give you more negative feedback. :wink: But I kid, I kid.