Ultimates Monster Pack


I guess we’re just ahead of the curve on that one. :wink:


Shadow Lord bless you.


Gargos-senpai notice me. :heart:


While I am a pro-gore ultimate supporter I am okay with the level of violence in the ultimates, sure I would like a liiitlllle more like the old KIs had but its okay.

I’m also a very picky person and tend to see flaws in digital media as I do some work with 3D stuff in my spare time, by no means as good as the KI devs but I can tell a bad animation when I see one. Even at that the execution of the ultimates doesn’t really bug me all that much either, they’re on par with the rest of KI and fit the game just fine.

The only actual problem I have with this is thematically, some of them don’t seem very well thought out or are uninteresting to watch, while others like Aganos’ are on a whole different level. For example, Mira levitating her opponent up in the air with her black goo and draining out all of their blood in a swirling mass before them turning grey and collapsing into dust is thematically really interesting and it could have been done completely using in-game assets. Sadira could have used the model for the webbed up corpse in her stage in her ultimate, wrapping them up in webs then having the big tarantula (again an existing asset) come down from the darkness of the ultimate screen to snatch them up, a much more theatrical finish. I’m just saying a little more thought could have gone into some of them without being overly gory or requiring extra work and assets. If only all of them could have been as entertaining to look at as Jago, Fulgore and Aganos.


I don’t understand why some people think that making it more gory will instantly make it great. MKX has alot of fatalities that suck even with the gore. I am fine with the Ultimates. They are just a way to end the match with style if you still have your first bar.


But, but. but blood and guts=quality!

(Said every edgy f*ckwit ever…)


…but I’m a grown up dammit, and I need grown-up things around me like drinkin’ and cussin’ and gore & stuff to make sure everyone knows that I’m an adult and not some little kid that can’t do those things. I need validation in my entertainment!!


and the best ultimate award until now goes to…


Mocking people who want gory finishers is childish too.

This game is called KILLER Instinct after all ffs…


Funny you should point that out, because the term “killer instinct” really doesn’t usually involve killing at all…it’s typically a sports term that just refers to a innate desire to win. Perhaps that’s the intent of the name of the game itself, to show that misconception. You go in thinking MK clone, but turns out you get a really good solid game instead.

…or perhaps the name was simply a way to be 90’s edgy and they just went with something that sounded cool.

As far as being childish is concerned, just because you say A=B, it doesn’t make A equal to B.

I would say it is far more immature to want to block off a good portion of the player base because you (generalized “you”) want KI to be something it’s not.
And in all honesty if they did add gore it would be a slap in the face to long time fans that now are older and have families and small children and just want to sit down and enjoy a good game without worrying about whether or not their 3-year-old is going to be traumatized when the winner pulls his opponent’s anus out through his mouth if they play it in front of them.
As is every one of those 3 demographics get to play: teens, jerks that want to adult swim the game, and former KI fans turned parents. Normal young adults get to play as well, so bonus.


No one is mocking people for wanting anything. It’s the elevation of wanting gore to a demand, coupled with the ridiculous justifications for it.

If you want to start policing internet civility this is the wrong debate and the wrong side to start chastising.


It doesn’t matter what the game is called. The game has NEVER been about gore.


I know and personally I also don’t care much for violent finishers.

But in my opinion KI would gain a lot from M rating. Writers would be allowed to flesh out villains more, show us that Gargos and Eyedol are REALLY a threatening beasts instead of cartoon-tier villains.

In Shadow Lords every character and narrator constantly reminds player how merciless, brutal and threatening Gargos is, but he does not do much actually aside from acting egotistically.


The devs have said that the T rating has never been a constraint for them. They’ve been intentionally keeping things within a T rating.


The ‘Stay tuned’ need to be updated.


this xD


Ever seen the movie White Noise??? if not, see what happens at the end!!


As a result, this gives them a chance to be more creative rather than just turning to spelling buckets of blood of gore 90% of the time.

Don’t really know where to look. Though I have a feleing that I can see your point.


Yeah, and if you ask me that’s why MK’s fatalities tend to get pretty dull over time. After a while all the gore just starts to feel like you’re just getting an anatomy lesson. I mean there’s only so many ways you can slice an orange.


True there for sure.