Ultimates Monster Pack


He’s so cute and tender when he taunt :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck: I wish I could kiss him on the right cheek when he do that. beautiful!


Why is everyone better than TJ? lol


I like that he looks badass when turning and walking away as the opponent crumples to the ground, but the rest of it, to me, is really rather plain. Where most other characters go big or have some sort of cool action sequence, he just punches a few times and that’s pretty much it.

Honestly, I like all of the ultimates, I just happen to enjoy his less than the others. :slight_smile:


Fair enough. Still think they should’ve ended it with an uppercut and as the opponent is falling down(they fall through the floor but lower half still visable) he walks away like a boss


I’d be more than okay with that, though I’m not sure they’d want to animate the stage warping or whatever to make that happen. Who knows. Personally, I just thought it’d be cool if he punched them once, they got all wobbly and he turned to walk away, then he turned again and uppercutted them in to the air. He turns once more and keeps walking as the opponent never comes down. Again, not great, but still better than what we got, I’d think.


Right lol. At least I can let out my inner Dudley


Exactly. Glacius’ ultimate is pretty much identical to TJ’s at the start. 3 powerful punches but then that’s it for TJ. Whereas Glacius has some cool move where he shoots his opponent up into the air and then we get to watch them falling back down towards the ice spikes. I’m never not disappointed by TJs ultimate. I’m always like “oh, that’s it? :(”


To be fair it’s far from TJ’s worst Ultimate:


I was led to believe that these new ultimates are trash and not as good as the old ones… at least that’s the consensus in the YouTube comments. :joy:


But the gore and the M rating made the old KIs better than this new KI because it’s for kids and it’s not violent and…and…


Go look up all the old No Mercy/ Ultimates for KI 1 & 2. There are a handful that are pretty awesome (Fulgore’s gun turret head), but most of them are either dated, goofy, or just plain lame.


Besides the turret head they mostly suck. Conceptually they are bad and the animations are really poor too. But they are old so nostalgia somehow makes them “awesome.” I don’t get it.


TJs machine gun was the best NO Mercy lololol

And the sound the dying opponent makes …eeehhrrr eeehhhrrr eeehrrrrrr!!!


Lol. In my humble opinion, TJ Combo’s redesign for KI 2 was the strangest decision ever made. Let’s take our boxer, give him camo pants and a machine gun that he won’t use except in his finishing move. Derp.


I think that’s where they also got the whole cybernetic implants thing from as well. They essentially made him a thug.


Which is super dumb because the time warp happened at the end of KI1 when orchid beat Eyedol or whatever. So how did all that change happen to TJ over night and through the time warp?


Yea, old KI Ultimates were so awesome right? Riight?


Oh yeah. Apparently 100% better because it has blood splatter.

Oh people. Nostalgia is a Double-Edged Sword.


*shrug *
I guess these people assume that since MK dropped all pretense of campiness and instead went for the hyper-gory finishers it has had in the last 2 installments that since KI also had fatalities it should have followed suit and went for a hyper gore fest as well. And as an added bonus the nostalgia fuzzies make them feel like the originals, which I might add were still under the banner of good ol’ family friendly NINTENDO, were just as hardcore and edgy, or at least they appeared to hold the potential of being that way.


Don’t worry, in 10 years everyone will say that this game was the best KI ever and every Ultimate was the best ever and no new game or finishers are as good as they were in this one. :wink: