Ultimates are coming!


And just how in the hell is she gonna hold aganos? At least every one else’s ultimate has some crazy thing that can work on pretty much everyone but this poor Mira, other than that it’s alright kinda graceful but too short and tame.


It would be super easy to just use her regular command grab animation(which already works perfectly with all characters), with different camera angle shots.

Instead, we got this which is… not great…


I know, it really bites.

You might even go so far as to say it sucks.

Honestly I think a lot of her’s is just…well what else would you expect a vampire to do??


Well at least TJs looks a lot better in comparison now.


It’s not WHAT, it’s more HOW.

The idea is good enough(slice throath, place behind and strike again, go in front and finish with a bite).

But the ejecution…


Use those alchemic blood powers to force her opponents blood out of their body while turning it silver or something a bit more exciting well at least imo.


Maybe she could use magic to suck out silver blood and form in into a ball while saying “you will no longer need this”



Which would only further prove that Kan-Ra did nothing wrong :laughing:


Not great??? i thought it was awesome! I love how it shows depth by here spinning around behind the opponent and hits her from behind! Then the bite… I liked it. Its not the best… but its a hell of a lot better than TJ , Fulgore, and Sadira!


Hey, the overdrive hype beam is pure awesomeness, but I’d say It’s likely it has the same issue to you Mira’s has in the eyes of others…it’s exactly what you would expect from her, nothing more. And like someone else said, IMHO using mist instead of the spin to get behind may have been a neater way of doing it. May have. But there’s no telling.


Its nice, nothing like Tusk’s over-the-top nuttiness. It suits her but yes, throw in the mist when she’s moving around, would have made it much cooler.




Animations are smooth. It’s not bad. I like it. It’s not my favorite though.

I saw a comment on the YouTube video that said:

“she gave Orchid the succ”


Just goes to show you girl on girl action doesn’t necessarily mean instant win.

…What? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ha! she gave orchid the hardcore hickey


Overall I really like Mira’s Ultimate. It looks quite smooth and graceful as well as enjoyable to watch for me here at least :wink: :slight_smile: :grin:


I wanted bats :crying_cat_face:
Like, a great big ■■■■ off swarm of bats encircling the target, like a tornado of wings and mercury, the body crumbling to dust ala the Aganos Stage Ultra or even just vanishing from behind the cloud of winged death
Or better yet, have her walk into the swarm to deal the killing blow herself, with similar results and a bit of ambiguity to make you think "…how the hell?"
Then Mira could laugh all she wants. She disposed of her for without making so much as a little bit of mess

But, oh well. She wasn’t the horse I had my money on anyway. Sabrewulf and Hisako are the ones I’m hoping for the most.

Though all this teasing of Glacius makes me hopeful


For all the teasing they’ve been doing of Glacius’s Ultimate, it had better be GODLIKE!!


Her ultimate is literally two of her basic moves. So disappointed. :frowning:

Her bite and scythe attack are literally seen countless times throughout the match why should I believe that they can finish off her opponent.


Thats a good point! Kind of like TJs punch.

So far to me tusk and Kilgore have the best ULTs