Ultimates are coming!


Say that to my character’s three heads you goon. All you have are birds.



At least my birds do damage! Your heads can’t even tickle a minion.


Aganos’s Ultimate…Rocks!!!

…yeah, I went there. :wink:


Ok. That’s my favorite Ultimate right now.

I’m just glad Rukari didn’t single out Kim again :joy:


A PERFECT 10 SCORE! A PERFECT SCORE OF 10 FOR THE MIGHTY WARRIOR GOLEM AGANOS! :smiley: :grinning: :sunglasses: :thumbsup: :+1:


I really hope that they announce ultimates for the rest of the cast soon, Eyedol and Gargos need them badly. What better way to add salt to Shadow Lords than Gargos using his minions to ultimate you into oblivion. Literally.


That Aganos Ultimate was stone cold!..That one was good. Great timing. Good use of camera angles, and everything. I still hate the way they end the ultimates though. That zoom and pause, is awkward… I wonder how much better these would look with the backgrounds.


That was awesome! Shago reaching out as the last wall came up in front of him as he was desperately trying to escape really sold me on this one. Already a great start to this pack. Can’t wait to see the others!


I’m not sure if it’s the zoom and pause so much as the debris is still flying around when the zoom starts and it makes it hard to see what is Aganos and what isn’t until the camera finally skyrockets towards you to focus on the dirt under his fingernails. :confused:

But still, it’s really awesome.


Yeah its pretty awesome, I just wish all the other ones were this creative.

Stuff like this puts Thunder and Combo to shame.


I still like Combo’s. It doesn’t have the impact of others but it has style and attitude in spades. That walk-away…that’s some BAMF stuff there.


I suppose but its not nearly as impressive or interesting to look at.

Some of them have great amounts of detail and really seem like they’re “ultimates” and others don’t.


Great job on aganos’ ultimate. Hoping the rest of the pack remain that consistent.

Love the way Shadow Jago is animated during that too, gonna be fun seeing how the rest of the cast react.


I wonder where they got the inspiration for Aganos’ ultimate… :upside_down:


So if there all done I’m guessing they’re just dragging out the release. Aganos’s is pretty high quality.
I wonder what if anything they’re working on, cause the ultimates are done as is the colours.
Just release it all


Aganos’s ultimate simply ‘rocks’.


Imo, I think combo’s ultimate is a nice finisher, but could benefit from just slightly more stronger sounds on the impact of the punches. I think they focused the on the sounds of his punches cutting through the air, which if that was/is the case, sound great! Here’s what I mean -

Aganos’ tho… hands down on point. This whole monster pack will be hype though. Trust me!


Monster pack? So who all is in it? Aganos, and I’m guessing Saberwulf, gargos, eyedoll, and Kan Ra?


Aganos, Hisako, Glacius, Sabrewulf and Mira.

100% confirmed


Are the others visible yet or just aggy’s?