Ultimate season 4 idea

Okay so here is my idea for season 4.
Season 4 will take place during the ki1 tournament and during Ki season 3.
It will be a smaller season featuring 5 characters but will also give the remaining season 3 characters stages.

The characters will be the people from the first ki tournament. 4 participants: all their retros will be their Ki 1 costumes and their main will be their Ki season 4 outfits.

  1. Eagle - thunders brother captured by ultratech after winning the first tournament. Is freed by glacius during the Gargos invasion. His story shows his Ki 1 tournament fight and then how he is freed during the Gargos invasion and helps defend the world and tries to find Thunder.
  2. Mullaska - snail fighter (failed ultratech experiment) thrown out of ultratech for being considered a failure. Fights in the tournament to prove his worth and show what ultratech is doing with Dna alteration. Makes it to the top 4 and once defeated is locked away in ultratech to never be heard form again. Breaks free during the chaos of the Gargos invasion. His story shows his Ki 1 participation and how he is freed when is holding cell is attacked by minions and he fights off demons to get his freedom and escape.
  3. Draco - vampire leader of a powerful coven. Enters the tournament to find the artifacts stolen by ultratech that used their blood as a weapon later seen to be used by their newest student Mira. Is kicked out of the tournament for breaking into ultratech but gets away with the artifact and goes into hiding. During the Gargos invasion he fears that maya may turn her back to normal he comes out of his covenant to hunt her down.
    His story shows his ki 1 participation and then during the Gargos invasion going after Mira feeling that she may betray the coven.
  4. Aron - the worlds deadliest archer sets out to prove no one can defeat him and boost his cocky ego. He is killed in the tournament and taken to ultratech labs to be experimented on. He is given cybernetic enhancements to revive him and improve his skills. He constantly fights the cybernetic controls and refuses to serve ultratech. During the destruction from Gargos aria makes a deal to give him his freedom if he helps protect ultratech.
    His story shows his Ki 1 tournament participation and then being freed during the Gargos invasion to defend ultratech and earn his freedom.
    The first half of story mode would revolve around these four during the first Ki tournament and what happened to all of them.
    Then it would continue during the Gargos invasion. It would show how some of them escaped during the chaos of the Gargos invasion and what was going around world during the chaos.

How about the next season takes place during Eagle’s time in the tournament.

What fighters he encountered to fight against & who fought alongside him.

Think of him as KI’s Kazuya.

He might also of met an old aged fighter who must’ve competed in such tournaments like KI before. Perhaps he trains him during the tourney or before.

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