Ultimate MvC3 on Xbox One

I can’t believe there’s not a thread on this already, but my search turns up nothing. So, here goes. It’s been a busy week so I missed the launch but I picked up UMvC3 for Xbox one today. Haven’t played it yet, because that’s how I roll.

But some of you have. @ItzTymeToDul I see some achievements in your scroll. How’s the port? How’s the netcode? How does the game perform?


I’ve exclusively played single player, so I can’t speak for the netcode, but the game is really good. My only problem is how cheap Galactus is, even on the easiest setting.

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I was about to pick this game up, ended of getting KoF instead.

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Which one?

King of Fighters XIV? The newest one, that’s all I know. Looked pretty cool.

Please tell me I didn’t make a mistake :sweat_smile:

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I got UMvC3 for PC/Steam. Single Player is flawless. Really good port. However, I tried to play online but couldn’t connect. Kept failing to find opponent.

Oh, I’ve heard genuinely awful things about the online. It’s inconsistent more than anything. But I would only get it for single-player.

So I wonder if I made the right choice for single-player?

Single Player is great. No issues. I have not tried the King of Fighters in a long time, not since old console days.

Is that the one on PS4? There’s no right answer man, play what looks fun to you. They released KOF 94 on Xbox One and KOF 98 has been back compatible for a while and I think KOF 20… something? That the only reason I asked.

Max put up a video of his impressions of the steam and Xbox One versions of the game just yesterday.

He said he had a strange evening with it and will likely try it a little more soon to see if the online is consistent.

Basically, he started playing it on a day where xbox Live was having issues that day anyway, and then after being kicked off live and getting back on, the laggy matches ceased and he had a really good time with it, as well as the steam version.

He seems to think the netcode is doing better on the One version so far. I’d recommend watching his review to get his impression.

The PS4 version though remains terrible by comparison.


The xbox one netcode is better than the ps4 netcode BY FAR. I actually got no lag. Maybe some input delay butv it felt so smooth.

I’m currently learning how to play as well. We should learn together :slight_smile:


Yes, the newest one that is 3D. I heard it was fun, but I don’t know if it’s more enjoyable in single player over UMvC3 though. I hope I made the right choice and it’s not too rough like Blazblue.

I’ll still get UMvC3, but a little down the line opposed to now.

I don’t think there’s a wrong choice. They are both games with a good reputation.

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I would love to get this one, I liked MvC3 and played it a lot. But I already got it two times(vanilla and Ultimate on 360), so I just hope it gets into the Games with gold in one the future or something like that

This is probably the first game on the Xbox One that I’ve actually used the achievements as a background for the dash.

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I bought it but I’ve stuck exclusively to the training room and the missions (trials) to get some of the combos down and work on my timing. Some of those air combos I keep wiffing my S for some strange reason.