Ultimate activation for all characters

Assuming that IG will give all characters an Ultimate for S3, (cause, let’s face it, they’d be stupid if they didn’t) if we want to keep the same rules as Shagos Ultimate (Supreme Victory, QCF + throw) how will ARIA get her Ultimate? Will she have to have all three bodies alive? I haven’t played ARIA, so I don’t know how her Victory conditions are met.

Would all characters use the QCF + Throw command for their Ultimates? Or would it be different for different characters?

This was something I posted in the “release ultimats for all characters” thread. I don’t think it needs to be QCF for every character, but it should match one of their individual special moves and utilize the throw buttons.

As for Aria, I would guess it would have to be at least two bodies alive, or maybe a certain overall health percentage across any combination of three bodies, since technically Shadow Jago needs 50.01% of his overall health with both bars combined.

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I would imagine it’d be their Ultimate inputs but with a grab, which makes since.

And seeing as the conditions for Ultimates such as having your green health bar are a good way to keep it from being too common may even give some people a better motivation to want to do better in the game to keep their green health.

If Ultimates are even coming I’d be very happy

Aria gets a supreme if at least two bodies are alive. All 3 bodies could be at magic pixel, and she still would get a Supreme so long as she wins.

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I think maybe if one and a half (which would make 50%) of her life is gone, she can’t do the ultimate. But if she has something a bit over that it should be fine.

The two bars each count as 50 percent of total health. If 50 percent of health is gone no Ultimates. This should be applied to all characters. Even Aria, it generalizes it and stream lines it.

I’m all for Ultimates being an aware you get for a Supreme Victory let’s keep that in mind.

Or maybe the devs simply already have that figured out.

Meh. That overcomplicates the Ultimate system IMO. Aria’s wonky already in how her life is handled, and only her final body lifebar ever turns red anyway.

And it’s actually a heck of a lot harder to have 3 bodies with next to no life than it is to have two bodies with the equivalent of 100% health left anyway. If you manage your bodies well, why not get to do your ultimate? The game’s been telling you for months that you’ve got a Supreme, so may as well stick with that.

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I would assume that is the standard they will be doing anyway to keep it simple. IF they are even doing Ultimates at all.

If they are then logically speaking if you can get a Supreme Victory then that’s fine. That would pretty much stream line it.