UK, London Players?

anyone know of a scene near London or in London itself ?

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Lol I can’t even find a scene in Denver and you’re asking about London :laughing:

On a serious note, I have not a single clue. Maybe, maybe some other member of the forums may have better insight.

I’ve been looking around myself too (I live in London). I was surprised to find that their isn’t really much of a FGC in London, which is surprising in a major city like London. Might just have to set one up myself lol. I would love to play locally with high level players/tournaments etc.

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I believe that there is a tournament in March - Keep It Classy 7 which is a pre-event for Hypespotting…

That’s the link to the event and I’m pretty sure that they are having a KI Tournament there

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I don’t know of any events in London outside of Keep It Classy in March but if you’re willing to travel there are events coming up around the country over the next few months, all of which will be qualifiers for Hypespotting V in Glasgow on 2&3 April as part of the Road to Hypespotting (

Kirkcaldy, Fife (Scotland) - Saturday 6th February - Turbo Tuesdays presents Road to Hypespotting - tournaments for KI and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 -

Manchester - Saturday 27th February - MBA Fight Series at Arcade Club - tournaments for KI and SFV (my teammate MBA Discomilitia and myself will be running the brackets on this one) -

Nottingham - Saturday 5th March - Robin Hoods Beat Down - tournaments for KI and USFIV -

I’ll be travelling to all of these so hopefully see you there! You should also join the KI:UK Facebook group, I don’t know of any actual casual sessions in your area but there are plenty of London players in the group, you should ask around in there and maybe you could all arrange something.

Edit: KI will also be at Hypespotting and KIC obviously.

I’m an English player from Devon I’m looking for over English players glad there are some others around