UK Begins Air Strikes On Syria

Story here but if you live in the UK it’s all over the news:

I found the speech by Hilary Benn to be idiot when he said “This entire house stood up against Hitler and Mussolini”

Yes Mr Benn and hows the destruction of fascist right wing groups going these days? Destroyed Hitler we have done but the ideology remains to this day. Just like the ideology of ISIS will remain long after the bombs have fallen.

Interested in everyones thoughts on this issue

There are evil people running governments around the world things like this benefit no one but themselves look what happened in iraq they destroyed a whole country for no reason theres nothing we can do but oppose it while the majority are asleep

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Violence begets violence… a cycle started long ago that we’ll most likely not see the end of in any of our lifetimes.

From my perspective, it only serves to make me very sad.

 “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions”

– Adolf Hitler, Hitler’s speech on May 1, 1927. Cited in: Toland, John (1992). Adolf Hitler. Anchor Books. pp. 224–225. ISBN 0385037244.

yeah sounds like a fascist right wing group alright, never knew socialist pricks to be on that side of the fence. :dizzy_face:

In my mind, the political spectrum is a circle… with extremist right and extremist left seated cozily next to one another on the bottom.

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there’s truth to that, however socialists have never been right wing extremists. they’re left wing extremists. people need to get ■■■■ right if they wanna bring up politics.

anyway before derailing goes further, i dont think bombing syria is gonna change a thing. they may kill key targets, but they will be replaced before our political overseers finish pouring their corn flakes in the morning.

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ISIS are a bunch of animals- they need to be stopped, but I think air strikes are partly to blame for creating groups of crazies like that, too many innocent people get hurt by that tactic, it’ll likely do more harm than good.

I don’t like Cameron, I just get the impression he doesn’t care what the people think and he’s going to do what he wants anyway. That said I did vote Conservative, not so much because I like them, it’s just the other parties seem even worse or incapable.

I’d really like to see a ‘no’ vote. A way for the people to say they’re not happy with any party and that they’ll need to try harder if they want to get voted into power, as it stands the parties have no incentive to improve. Election day feels like choosing between dumb and dumber, lol. It shouldn’t be like that.


ISIS was created by the western powers (u.s., u.n., nato etc.) to destabilize the middle east. The UK government is highly involved in terrorism against humanity.

I agree; I made my statement in a pretty broad way, so for context - I feel that the sum of actions by both left and right wing extremism boil down to the same thing for the ground-level citizen. Or to put it simply, it’s always been kings and serfs, but the kings wear different hats.

Also agreed. Seems like this is the type of area in which you’d not only need boots on ground, but people with intricate local knowledge of terrain. One only needs to look to Vietnam to see how terrain can be used to great advantage.

I absolutely agree with this. One can only imagine the psychological impact inherent in growing up in those regions in these times. I don’t imagine I’d be quite so level headed. Once again - violence begets violence.

Sadly this appears to be a factor. There’s good money in what they’ve done, but it’s rooted in the presumption that one can control the monsters they create.

Destabilization as a military tactic sure has some wicked backfire, no? :smirk:

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The HUGE issue with the world powers and ISIS (specifically) is that Western powers are simply ignorant of Islam itself, and how extremism is bred. In the US, most politicians (I’m looking at you Barack) generalize it instead of calling it what it is. Bombing these people WILL not stop them. Doing so is like trying to stop a cockroach problem by stomping on a few.

The only way to stop groups like ISIS is to disprove their idealogy. This is incredibly difficult because the Koran does condone acts of violence in the form of jihad. Jihad was meant as a means to protect Islam itself. Why and when jihad occurs is open for interpretation. This is where the ultimate problem lies.


The cards are being unveiled slowly. Turkey’s PM Erdogan is now accused by Putin of buying 80% of ISIS oil.

The Turkish secret service had been accused before of helping in creating ISIS infrastructure and chain of command.

Turkey is the entry door to Europe and has been a candidate to enter the EU before. Tension between Turkey and Russia rising.

This is geostrategy at its finest. Half of Europe and USA was against Putin for invading Ukraine. Now in an unexpected twist, Putin is labeled as a hero for entering Syria to fight terror. Everybody praising Putin while forgetting that he invaded Ukraine simply to control the Crimea port (where 99% of opium trade of the world takes place) and get benefits of drug traffic.

I own a book from an British author called McMafia: A Journey Through the Global Criminal Underworld, by Misha Glenny, published 10 years ago where he states that Putins plan is to control that place. This invasion has been years in the making. If any it was delayed thanks to the rise of of chechen terrorism.

It also doesn’t help when you have our idiot politicians who don’t know sh!! T about islam, or refuse to acknowledge it due to political correctness, telling Muslim fundamentalists they are not representing islam when in fact they are. They been at it ever since their prophet went warlord after his arrival in medina, at which point he went to war against the meccans Who had enough of his BS

An interesting point was made regarding the obsession of the west to enter and control the middle east. Since the times of the first priors coming to the west following the death of Jesus, there has been several desperate moves to enter the “holy land”

I’m personally convinced there is more than Oil as a motivation, there’s something in that place. Something of such value they are willing to kill millions of innocents just for the chance to see it.

There are numerous different theories as to why including the introduction of a third world war to incite a world goverment. One of the craziest I heard was that ancient alien tech had been discovered around or during the crusades, and that Saddam had found it and was trying to activate it.

Whatever the case may be there is certainly more to this than stopping a bunch of terrorists that the west created themselves.


while that is very entertaining, the alien thing is too far fetched for me. some conspiracy theories DO make sense, the latest being our lame US president trying to enact gun control via executive order. however in order to bring in far more stringent gun control, they need many incidents regarding massive violence like we saw in paris and just last week in california.

thats the theory thats going around, these shootings are pre-planned in order to make a move to begin dismantling our 2nd amendment rights. i dont buy it, but you know…mass shootings are starting to pop up alot more and our president is on his way out. could he be trying to pave the way for the next president to further the agenda? i know if that hilary twit wins, shes gonna extend his policies and go further. shes already said shes for gun control. taking the 2nd amendment is vital, its there to protect us from crooks, invaders, and our own gov’t if it goes to full blown tyranny.

then of course you have all the classics, like the FEMA camps and trains with shackles meant to whisk us all away to confinement when the time comes. but that whole alien theory in the middle east is pretty wild and far fetched, but man is it interesting. you have any links to this? id love to read it

Gun “control” isn’t going to keep people from having guns yet alone unregistered ones. Guns will be easy to require regardless.

Essentially its not going to do anything, other than getting the un-street savvy recreational weapons collectors scared.

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Americans have a big problem with guns and they can’t even see it.

it’s 2015. The second amendment is not going to stop any foreigner invading your country, it’s not going to stop crooks because they are as armed as you and is not going to stop your government being a tyranny (which it already is, like every other gov’t).

Guns are useful for two things: For mass shootings, and for giving police a reason for shooting suspects on sight because the paranoia is too damn high.

Guns are so widely spreaded in USA, that gun control is impossible. It would be like alcohol prohibition law, and we all know how it ended back in the Al Capone days.

Before gun control, another thing has to happen first: education.

^lol. incoming thread derail because i cant resist. you’re pretty ignorant from whereever you’re from. if they were to pass gun control, im a law abiding citizen, thus im gonna obey the law. but here is the deal, and ill go easy on you by not insulting you. where i live, is considered dangerous territory. why is it dangerous? i am on the border to MEXICO. what is going on in mexico? the drug war. so what does that mean for me though i am stateside? ill tell you.

first, cartel gun men have crossed over into my neighborhood across the river which is quite literally a 5 minute walk from my house. what did they have on them? fully automatic weapons, AK-47s and likely other weapons (some of which im sure were supplied by obama’s gun running op). a car chase ensued right by my house after they shot the neighbor’s dog thinking he was a border patrol dog giving their location away.

second,a fire fight have erupted here between cartel, mexican military, and our own law enforcement when a bale of weed was found floating in the river. border patrol went to retrieve it, a fight ensued with the cartel caught in a crossfire between our boys and mex military. our LEO’s had to call for back up outside the county. yes a grenade or 2 was used in the fight.

3rd, cartel (los zetas specifically) once threatened to kidnap the children from our town belonging to cartel taking refuge here in the U.S. during a children’s holiday. all schools were evac’d, LEO’s on full alert, everybody in town packing heat ready and waiting. i went to a shop for bullets, i saw the rack for AR-15s and AK-47s empty. when your kid is threatened what would you do?

4th, the mexican side of the bridge was attacked one bright sunny saturday afternoon. its literally just down the street. our side of the bridge on full alert while the raging automatic gunfire was heard from their side between federali’s and cartels.

those are just some incidents. thats not including the kidnappings, the corruption, the mexican thugs disguised as cops pulling over people, people executed by chainsaw just 10 minutes away, dipped in acid head first, decapitations at the doc’s office i used to go to (which got blown up btw), illegals sneaking across and breaking into homes out of desperation.

and you’re telling me guns are only good for mass shootings and gettin shot by cops. /rant.

they are for SELF DEFENSE.

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A gun is a tool. A human being drives it.

People treat each other like garbage, and had guns never been invented, we’d have invented something else to hurt ourselves with.

We’ve used swords, spears, arrows, rocks, you name it…

History is full of bloodshed, and we have no one to blame but ourselves. Certainly not inanimate objects.


We’ve got a huge problem with this in the US. It’s consistently defunded and de-prioritized. I’m not sure about how things run in Spain, please forgive my ignorance… but in America, germanized methods of education were installed in the late 1800s. These methods were designed to create a dull populace, perfectly content with menial tasks, and discourage entrepreneurship.

Boy, did that work well or what?

i definitely agree on the education, kids are being taught to take a test. not history, not morals, not trying hard to succeed in life, and definitely not getting prepared for the college years. they will be dumb and blind when they grow up, not knowing their rights like the 2nd amendment. wanna see a product of our “education”? look at all the self entitled punks currently plagueing the news with their safe spaces.

2nd amendment wont stop an invasion, but when you have a 12 gauge and there is a thief or somebody hostile in the house, a good round of buckshot sure will send not only a message but save your own and your family’s life. THAT’S the truth. they wanna invade? best not go through Texas. that would be extremely costly.

20 years from now will be the perfect time to invade the US. Our youngest and most physically able populace will simply stare, mouths agape, clutching their participation trophies while their friends and families are slaughtered.

Better enjoy the ride while we can, folks.