Type of Cultures I would like to be added Into Killer Instinct

Indian / Hindu
Australian Or Aboriginal

what would your guys like?

Cultures? I thought KI was about non human characters? Since over half the roster is non human in some way. That and movie tropes, mythological beings etc etc.

no its a mix of Human and Monsters also some of the monsters are part of Different Cultures for exsample I am pretty sure Aganos is Greek

Isn’t Ssabrewulf already German? And Maya and Mira are already Hispanic?

oh is Saberwulf German i did not know that as for Maya and Mira I thought they were African although Mira seems more Russian to me but it doesn’t make sense to have them from different places

I’d like to see something from UK/Irish folklores - nearly all the bipedal creatures are giants or merely mischievous / traitorous, but there are a lot of 4-legged beasts and harbingers of death to draw from. Such as the Cu Sith (a huge hound which hunts the dying, and when it howls thrice then all who hear it become incapable of escape).
Then there are dwarves, revenants (zombies), grindylow, and nuckelavee, which could all be interesting.

Apart from that, I’d like to see some Greek monsters - chimera, lamia, minotaur, sirens, etc. They have a lot of mythological beasts which are half-human and already well-versed in combat.
Or something from Egyptian or Mayan mythology, like the ahuizotl.
There’s just too much to choose from.

Maya is Brazilian, not Hispanic.

I’d much rather have unique creations that draw from fiction rather than cultural/regional inspiration.

There are a lot of places KI can try!


  • Egypt
  • Haiti

If Africa, do something “Black Panther - Wakanda”!

Orchid is Filipino by the way.

India hasn’t been touched yet. They got Bollywood & various Hindu myths.

See, KI isn’t strictly a cultural mishmatch. It’s primarily a clash of pop culture, rather than world cultures. What the team does is they use real cultures to flesh out fictional tropes and find a way to fit it in the KI universe both as a character and as an inhabitant. Instead of just looking for an Australian or Aboriginal character, look at the Bunyip or the Yowee and see what they could add.

So rather than just using cultures and saying “let’s do something from X Country!”, look the specific tropes or legends you’d want to see from that country’s culture. For example: rather than just saying you’d want a Hispanic character, let’s look at specific legends from Mexico and Central America to look into, such as El Chupacabra.


They don’t have a pure African character yet.

In Marvel’s Black Panther, in the land of Wakanda, they have “Vibranium”.

Wonder if Africa could have a Night Guard like that.

The guy and Maya would act as cousins.

Pacific Islander, the culture that has cool tattoos, tropical islands, and Tikis.

Yes sabrewulf is from germany and i dont know if brazilians are considered hispanic since they dont speak spanish but they speak Portuguese a language made from the spanish language.

Orchid is from the united states in this game.

Something along the lines of old Irish folklore monsters might be cool. For example create a character based on Finn McCool or Balor, just to name a few. (No WWE references intended)