Two gamertags signed in at the same time

Is it possible to have two profiles signed in at the same time? My friend and I play local vs all the time. But only I get any xp points. Is there a way we can both be signed in? Future plans?

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I don’t play enough local to have known this is an issue, but yeah, I’d like you guys to fix it, IG. This seems like a serious transgression of player profile rights. :wink:

You Both Can Sign In, But Whoever The Lobby Leader Is Will Receive XP.

I think they already know that - it’s why they’re upset. They BOTH want to earn XP. :wink:

We discussed this months ago on one of the weekly Q&A textual threads. The game was launched with this issue and for them to go back and fix this was not a priority and I believe it isnt easy from what I remember.
Im not sure why DH/MS set it up this way…but unfortunately I believe we are stuck with it for a while.
Maybe we will get lucky and they will change this in S3… that would be cool.

Definitely needs sorting. This should be a priority to resolve really.

One thing I have noticed that changed within the last few months or so…

I play VS mode with my buddy when he comes over a few nights a week. It didn’t use to display his Gamer card/GT/Icon at the top of the screen while fighting (was just blank), but now it does show his gamer card. So maybe they’re getting closer to getting this to work?

It would be great to be able to Level separately and wear our own sets of accessories. I’m surprised this wasn’t taken into consideration during development. Many people play fighting games with friends.

This isn’t a standard for the genre. I can’t think of any fighting game that allows this so it’s not really like they goofed up and missed something obvious like some of you are making it seem.

Mortal Kombat X had it at launch.

Besides KI and MKX, I haven’t played any other next-gen fighters, so I’m not sure what is standard. I know GamerTags seem to be what everything is tied to nowadays though, so I was a little surprised that while we were both able to log in, only one of us were having our stats saved.

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