Twitch Streamers?

I’ve recently upgraded PC hardware, or rather my peripherals to improve the quality of streams. This is awesome because I can finally go all out and feel like my content will have quality. Admittedly, I still need to find my angle to keep people around and although a chill stream, need something to keep people relatively entertained.

Thus, my question to all of you. Who are some of your favorite streamers and why? What in particular keeps you invested and entertained throughout?

Bit of shameless subtle advertising here too, in case you’re interested…


Stories. 90% of the time people build attachments to streamers through the stories and past experiences they tell on the live stream as well as experiencing them on stream together.
Someone starting a clean blind playthrough of Dark Souls is always fun to watch cause they can not only relate their own past experiences to what is happening currently on stream, but can build a bond as they experience it with them.


I agree with @MathAmphetameme. It’s a good starting point. Especially if they are relatable. Plus, Personality and Charisma can go a long way. If they are funny, and they genuinely love the game they are playing, people will watch.

As for people I watch frequently:

  • Grimmmz
  • GutterMagic
  • You (Whenever you are on :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Lirik
  • Darnys91

Trying to expand more.

Day9 is a fantastic example of a charismatic story teller. Everything he says and does is just so. YES. I don’t know how he does it.

I’ll need to watch him for sure, I’ve been looking for new streamers to watch since most of the ones I watch are usually on at inconvenient times.

Just be yourself. Streamers who act fake are disgusting to watch. I like watching streamers that show respect to the other player. A streamer that can say “that was a great combo/setup”, even when they are getting hit by it. I am a fan of streamers that actually talk to the people in the stream. Not just their friends or people who donate.

What age group of people do you want to be the main part of your audience? The reason I ask this is due to the different likes/dislikes based on age. There are streams that I like that my son thinks are boring, and the streams he likes I find to stupid to even watch.

If you want, I will give you actual feedback after I see you stream. I am married with kids, so I can’t always see a stream live, but will watch it as a past broadcast. Just PM me when you think that you are going to stream and I will try and watch it.

Sounds good. I don’t go crazy in my stream, I’m pretty chill and casual about streaming so I just try to enjoy the game while chatting. I don’t really have a substantial audience or enough to keep conversations going so I just talk to myself for the most part.

Bad thing about that is because I can come off as boring, like incredibly boring. Might be because the lack of people or just adjusting to live streaming.

I hope to stream sometime this weekend, I always leave my past broadcasts there.

As for age group? I guess that depends on what I attract. I’m not crazy or vulgar in stream, just chill. So stoners? Haha not sure, yet to be established.

What name would I search by if i were to do a search on twitch right now?

Going to be streaming in a few minutes if anyone is interested.