Tweet @MrWiz to put KI in the EVO (Evo evo) 2017 lineup! whether you think it'll make it or not, DO IT!

For those that haven’t already, please tweet at @MrWiz to get KI in the EVO 2017 lineup! Share with your other KI buddies/groups/etc! -


Well, I’ve done my part - now it’s time to do yours. So far, not many have requested KI. I know we can do better than that, people…

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Agreed! Let’s make it happen!

If the Skullgirls/Injustice thing from a few years ago proved anything it’s that it doesn’t matter how much a game’s community voices their support, Wizard picks what Wizard wants.


I’m still bummed that Skullgirls barely lost out on the donation drive years ago right at the last second. At the moment, KI and Skullgirls have completely supplanted SF and Marvel for me. That and the Skullgirls crowd has one of the nicest communities I’ve ever seen, they really love their game even if SonicFox keeps winning.

Then again, every community really loves their game and wants to see it a EVO (even though at this point I believe Combo Breaker has completely outshone EVO and I’m going to start going to that instead of EVO just for the fact that they have a 24/7 floor to play all the games on.)

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done :slight_smile:

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that may be true. but … we can’t go down without a fight!

Also, guys, if you have KI buddies on your xbox live acct that aren’t active on the forums, copy/paste this message to them and spread the word to tweet KI for EVO '17!

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@rukizzel Could you please help by spreading the word on the official Killer Instinct club about this on Xbox Live since you’re the owner (and since only admins can post there). It would really help our community be more aware of this opportunity to make their voice heard in the tournament scene (and help our numbers grow)! :smile:


I so want KI on EVO if it comes up, I will WATCH it. If not, well I won’t : U

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Have they stopped the PS fanboy favouritsm at EVO yet?

imagine ultimates at EVO!!! Let’s go KI community!


Friendly reminder to tweet/vote!

The Evo 2017 reveal show will be on January 24, 2017!

Please cast your vote/tweet if you haven’t already! Tell your buddies to do the same!

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I tweeted before and I did again today as well. Hoping KI makes it. :slight_smile:

Nice! that’s not a bad idea! i’ll do it too!

Tweeted in respose to his original post and to this one. Here’s hoping

All your favorite fighters will be at evo.