Tusk's Trailer!

His voice and face is great!


I can’t…even…I just can’t.

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For Asgard!!.. oh wait, i mean dah!!


I don’t even like Tusk (Nothing against him in particular btw, just never been a fan of those type of characters) but that trailer was amazing lol mad props to whoever put it together.


He lost his memory. Well not completely lost. Just scattered. Scattered around the world? To protect his guard. Hmm. Maybe he was part of the Bablyonian’s King Guards but by sacrificing himself to protect the King,he lost his memories and awoke in a new world?


That trailer was so. freaking. HYPE :persevere:

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Ok so let me tell you this funny moment.
There was a time when the stream went off so people started telling Tusk’s Trailer was on.
So I started watching the trailer, it begun normally, with the stage song I knew, but then just when the loud part of the stage music begun, it became different. It was a very arcade-y music and I was like “What the **0%$! what did they do to Tusks music. It is cool but it doesn’t fit at all”. But when he said “Death comes to all…” I realized it was too low, it was when I came back to the stream and saw they were on the idle screen with (which I’ve just found to be) Dojo Theme from DiveKick. I was like: Ohhhh, ok, let’s just watch again with the real music. It was funny. Try playing the Trailer with this music on the background.

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I really love his trailer intro. “Let people come, For I am the watchman of the gods!” I wish that could be his intro! So Hype!

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Were those Narwhals in the water? Thats pretty cool.

Yes, @DyingAlloy66626. Yes they were :slightly_smiling:

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This trailer is the best one, hands down. Greatest monologue, best tone, showcasing how much of badass Tusk really is. I need this character in my life.

Things are really looking well for this season.

Please, someone tell me this voice actor’s name so I can follow him on Twitter.

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He popped into one of the Tusk feedback threads @FinchoMatic. Can’t remember the name, but if you go looking should be able to find it easy enough.

Tusk seems like the wise one.

I think it’s more the human brain has a limit and you naturally irl lose memories and remember only certain bits. Same probably happened to Tusk but because he is 1,000’s of years old there are probably hundreds of years he can’t remember just because his brain naturally gets rid of them.

We were all concerned when Mick Gordon left… but I have to say… Tusk’s theme may be the best in the entire game… Holy… hell.

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@rukizzel Why was Spinal bleeding when Tusk Suplexed him?

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I know he is a work in progress, so I won’t comment on his design, especially his face. The rest, though, is awesome, one of my favorite trailer so far. Great job guys, great job.

When Season 3 was announced, I was scared by Based Mick Gordon’s “retirement”. Rash, Kim and Arbiter’s songs didn’t help, not because they are bad (not at all) but because they were just “remixes”. Now, I know I have nothing to fear, Tusk’s theme is probably one of the best, I can’t wait to hear the full lenght version.

Best KI trailer so far…

Wow! This trailer hit it outa da park!
Atlas and Celldweller aced Tusk’s theme. Truly KILLER!


The only s3 trailer I liked.