Tusk's Height

So I don’t have a particular height I want him to be however, I think as tall or around Glacius’ height and around Thunders width would be satisfactory. What about you guys?

Same as Thunder it’s Ok. Never as tall as Glacius


I’d like to see him 7 inches taller than Thunder.
Thunder was always muscular like the others.
Tusk was always the really large character.

Glacius’ height but a lot more muscular sounds right to me.

That would put him at 6’4"? His height was 6’11" in KI2. Want him to be around Glacius’ height (which appears to be about 7’0" since Aganos is 8’0") maybe slightly smaller but from 6’11" down to 6’4"? Please don’t IG. Tusk is the character I wanted most for Season 2 and am expecting that he is great when he appears in Season 3!

I think he should be just a bit taller than Thunder, it’d be kinda silly to see Tusk as tall as Glacius. besides he’s got a huge as sword to use to, so that will help him look intimidating.

I’ll say this @Whitetiger2k20 One thing you need to keep in mind is: This game is a reboot so you can expect some changes to a character. But when you do see Tusk’s new look. Look for things that are familier before you freak out. Just saying so just in case. Cause all of us who have seen our favorites return had to do the same. lol

On the other end though I’m looking forward to seeing what Kim and Tusk look like. Maybe someone should draw a renunion picture of Maya and Kim and Tusk in a group hug XD…sorry my mind went into a weird place.

If KI has teach us something, it’s that if you don’t like a redesign, you can always have the retro and be happy with it!

Tusk surely will be different from his former self, but has to be enough similar to allow his retro being more like his former self. Surely he will be giving his back to the screen, like in KI 2

Take the Cinder example. New design, but his retro IS the old Cinder.

Same as Aganos! Just kidding, I want Tusk same as Thunder.

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I really don’t understand you guys but then again to each their own.

Tusk’s size preview


I have to admit, I am unsure what size Tusk really should be.

At first I thought, no question about it, Barbarians are massive. Then I thought, well he should be appropriate to his background, if he’s not an ancient barbarian.

So if he’s going to be of Scandinavian descent, then he should be tall. If he’s of Pictish/Scottish/Druid descent then he should be smaller and more nimble.

This seems about right

Hahahaha! You make this pic from my joke?

Tusk was 6’ 11" 380 lbs in KI2. That’s 7 inches more and 85 lbs more than Thunder. He should still be the most massive human in the game, towering Thunder and looking Glacius to the eye.

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Around Thunder’s height is good enough tbh

One thing I would also like to mention is that all the characters from KI1&2 are taller or the same height in the reboot with the exception of Riptor who went from 7’0" to 6’2" which was a good move IMO because putting in a 7’0" dinosaur would be tricky. Tusk on the other hand stands upright so making him around 7’0" shouldn’t be a problem.

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Over 7+ feet for me here

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Thank KI fanatic! You know that One of Tusk’s main attributes is his freakish height!

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I think about Thunders size would be fair, maybe just a little bit shorter.

Shorter? Are you serious? I thought as tall sounded bad, shorter sounds worse!

Thunder is pretty tall as is. A little shorter would look bad. I mean either way I don’t mind. I would have to see it in game to get an idea of what looks best.

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