Tusk V Arbiter Gameplay Clip


Holy crap they’re both so biiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggg and bad assssss. They look so fun I’m so hype right now :grimacing:

Tusk’s effects on his sword attacks during instinct are awesome! That downward strike is the best. I wonder how long til we get a stream for him…

Really excited for Arbiter’s stream later, even more so now!

And the stage really does look great in action.

Holy mother of Nordics dat stage and dat music!
I want to play Tusk right now. Jesus Christ his tattoos SHINE RED when he is in Instinct!

Definitely very early gameplay but I like what they did with arbiters hud.
But Arbiters Intro needs a bit work, it was cooler in the Teaser and Trailer.
But wait: Tusk said “Death comes to all. Exept me.” does this mean that he is Immortal ?
Edit: It was confirmed that he is immortal

Yo! Tusk with High Time + Helm Breaker?!

What is this? Devil May Cry? This gonna be really, really good!

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What is going on there? :open_mouth:
I have no clue but it certainly was awesome!
Dat damage tho, omg!

“Death comes to all”…

"Besides ME!"

There is also a Arbiter mirror match:

Tonight’s stream, but now!

I really love the way Tusk’s sword heats up and sparks fly off it when it hits the ground.