Tusk should be NERFED!

Tusk is fine i think a majority of people that are complaining about him never actually fought with him against a skilled player. Its hard to win with Tusk when fighting skilled players.

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Hisako can burn meter and get 70% off of a command throw :wink: Tusk isn’t so scary.


Only 70? :wink:

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People will be calling for Tusk to be nerfed even more when they realise he can kill TJ Combo during his last breath animation Tusk can kill TJ Combo During his Last Breath Revival, Is This Supposed To Happen?

That’s clearly a bug - and honestly it isn’t that easy to do since I keep trying and failing to do it…

Really? I’ve tried this a few times since stumbling across it and it’s always worked. I’m sure they will patch it soon anyway.


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Tusk needs armor on his normals. It should go: Deflect window > armor > active frames > second deflect window on recovery.

To everyone wanting his damage nerfed: Why?

Seriously, why? The only reasons I’m hearing or seeing is just pure salt over whether “he hit me and I died” or “it makes it not as fun”.

It’s part of his core design to be afraid of him in neutral. If his damage gets bonked then nobody will have a reason to respect him anymore regardless of deflects. As a character, Tusk’s gimmick is “he hits really hard, don’t let him hit you”, and he’s given devices that make you want to hit him (slow attacks) but also devices that make you regret trying (deflect, reach). Everything Tusk has literally relies on his frightening damage.
Tusk has to take risks to get that damage, too. When I’m playing I think “if this doesn’t hit I’m going to get messed up, but if it hits the payoff will be huge” pretty much the entire match along with how and when to move in on my opponent. If Tusk didn’t have damage there would simply be no reason to risk anything with him, and thus the entire point of his character is gone.

So with that in mind I ask again, why do you want his damage nerfed?

He’s also not the only character who can belt it out. Kim Wu is capable of insane damage and has more tools than Tusk, yet nobody cares about that.

Also, I feel like many players are forgetting, or just unaware, that Tusk’s sword has a hurtbox. If he’s doing something dumb with his reach you can just attack the sword and hit him. Whenever Glacius is poking my eyes out with his kicks, I start looking to attack the kick. Anyone having trouble against Tusk’s reach should start doing the same.

I also remember Keits saying that on stream and thinking to myself “eff that, ima try to find setups for it.” and sure enough I find myself landing intentional deflects almost every time, and I know I’m not alone on that.

Thing is, I would be greatly disappointed if this was adjusted to purposefully be done by accident. When a character gets an ability that requires precision to activate, it simply feels good to pull it off. The player thinks “that had difficult timing, but I did it so I feel rewarded.” instead of “well, I got lucky that time because it happened to deflect and I converted.”. I think we should be encouraging the former as it adds a degree of skillful play to the character. Having deflect feel like luck would greatly sour the experience for both players in the fight.

Plus, I think deflect is just ■■■■ cool. I’ve said it before, but it’s pretty much a counter-hit in reverse where instead of hitting the opponent during their startup, they’re hitting you during your startup and you come out on top for it. That’s pretty interesting to me.


There’s no doubt some setups that line up deflect windows, especially if you make them block certain moves and then you press another deflect window to catch n-frame attacks or whatever.

As far as “you won’t get it intentionally”, I think they were talking about neutral. It’s pretty hard to deflect wind kick on reaction, for instance. If you’re swinging good buttons in neutral, you’ll deflect “randomly” a lot.

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I never said anything about damage. I merely said I felt he needed to be NERFED. I stated that it was dumb how he could still hit you even though you’re clearly behind him. Also, I feel that deflect window should be NERFED.

Stop going ham on him.

Seriously, your complaints boil down to you getting impatient and wanting to mash buttons and jump at him.


Stop pressing buttons when you’re -3


The other thing I remember is that they said things like “normally, you won’t be getting these on purpose.” That doesn’t mean you will never have a setup where you feel you have a high percentage chance at deflect. I can predict that I will get deflects lots of times, but I have yet to see a case where I see my opponent commit to a move and then I react by hitting a button with the intention of getting a deflect, and then I get one. Maybe @TrustfulWhale you could share a replay or something that shows the type of situation where you think this happens.

Are replays auto saved or anything? I’m not sure if I have any.

Anyways, off the top of my head Wrecking Ball can be deflected with s.HP on reaction pretty easily, but it travels quite slowly compared to something like a yolo wind kick. I’m sure Natural Disaster could work the same way here but I hardly fight Aganos so it hasn’t come up.
Obviously a Tusk mirror throwing out s.HP can get deflected.

Also, Hisako doing any rekka that isn’t H rekka can be cr.MP on reaction as well.

I know there’s more but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.
Also, I just thought of this, but it would be kinda sick if Homing Puddle Punch can be deflected on reaction. I’ll have to try that out later.

Well, that’s why God gave Hisako heavy rekka - to stop fools from pushing buttons and take the darn mixup :slight_smile:

Her mixup rekkas can all be punished with buttons into full combo if the opponent isn’t respecting her. Tusk will definitely get more upfront damage off it than most characters, but at base there’s not much of a meaningful difference. If you’re using mixup rekkas, that’s the chance you’re taking.

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I guess what I mean is that Tusk can wait until he sees the attack before deciding to press his button since the deflect happens on his own startup. I don’t think any other character can do this short of using a parry or invincible move, and the latter of which generally doesn’t start a ground combo.

I don’t think Hisako’s mixup rekkas are overly difficult to block, but I think you’ll probably have a hard time pressing a button ONLY on light/medium rekka and NOT on heavy rekka. I think by the time you realize it, you’ll get stuffed before the deflect window comes up, because you basically have to be like 6 or 7 frames early (whereas invincible moves or blocking can be all the way up to the last frame).

It’s honestly not that difficult. You can just block low and watch for the M Rekka and deflect. L Rekka is faster, but still doable because the timing makes it honestly look like you’re going to get hit, but Tusk comes out on top. I won’t lie, though, I just wait for M Rekka since I’m crouching.
I find H Rekka happens so fast that it’s already been blocked by the time I’ve recognized it, so it doesn’t really matter.

Stop pushing buttons. Work on your neutral and spacing. Problem solved. I love the fact that tusk is a fraud exposer. If there are holes in your approach you get wrecked, plain and simple.

Level up your game or just counter pick. Hisako and glacius do well vs tusk. I’m glad tusk is in, helps weed out the gimmicky petes online.