Tusk Redesign Idea

How would you guys want to see Tusk redesigned as?

I can see tusk having medieval costume like a knight or Guts from the Berserk series, a vgladiator, or a viking.

Celtic warrior. A viking would work, too, it’s in the same ballpark, but I would like to see the blue tatoos, maybe even a kilt-like thing. I’m thinking Diablo barbarian here.

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So for me this is TUSK:

This was the one of the first wilders of TUSK around about stone henge time:

This was the seconds:

This was the third:

After the 3rd (or however many) there was a time a piece. A time Titans had left earth.

And this is modern day Tusk (needs tweeks obv) brought back to slay Gargous. The sword sensing the return of evil activates his power and this long descendant of the 1st Tusk becomes the barbarian of the 21st century with all the power of TUSK the Titan slayer :


@WandaMaximoff That last one is not bad, very reminiscent of an outdoor survivor/post-apocalypse warrior of some sorts.


The last one looks fine apart from the hair Tusk should have long blonde hair not short hair.


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Thanks. I think Tusk needs an update. Im all for keeping his heritage the same. Making him the decendant of all the other Tusks I’ve mentioned.

Keeping Tusk as the sword and having a slightly emo 21sr century barbarian. Yeah maybs he could have longer hair and a beard.

Maybe his instinct changes his stance to tusks oringal atancd and a ghost outline effect of the original tusk surrounds him giving him extreane power.

I like the idea that the sword has been dormant ever since the titans were vanquish and now on the eve of gargous’s return this guy who had no idea he was decendant to the oringal Tusk becomes a hero.

Chosen due to his blood line he becomes TUSK!

A more moden 21st century barbarian i dont really think all these pictures of original tusk fit in KIs reality. They are fantastic but what reason would he have to stay looking like that for 1000s of years?

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a little more modern, as in the Thor movie, futuristic medieval if that exists lol


I think They’re gonna go the thor route make him a little less barbaric (not the way I would go but oh well)

I just want him to dah, be blonde, and have a beard!

And a dystopian/dystopian-type warrior too like in Mad Max, for example :wink:

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Go Highlander! Immortal style!

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Tusk is definely going to be an interesting character to modernize since the barbarian route wouldn’t work in S3 because time travel has been retconned. I’d say keep his facial aesthetics the same but, give him a look similar to Fabio w/o the coat and a long sword. That’d look cool IMO.

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