Tusk new theme

When i think about Tusk’s new theme, nothing comes to my mind but Blind Guardian. A theme like this song would fit for the survivor swordsman.

Also the Nomad song from Iron Maiden tells much about his kind.

So… Any thoughts?

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A good mix of classic power metal and his epic KI2 orchestral theme and Tusk will have his theme on loop in my head forever.

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Love Blind Guardian!!! Seen them in New Orleans and hung out with them a bit after the show at the Dungeon! It was AWESOME!

Time Stands still is epic…my favorite album is A night at the opera though… And then there was silence is just perfect.

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I honestly would like a soundtrack for him to be akin to the 80’s Conan theme with strings, heavy brass, & timpani…

Example 1

Example 2

After all, that’s what they were going for originally, only they were limited by the MIDI tech of the time. I say go like they have with Spinal & Sabrewulf just make it his theme with an actual orchestra & keep the theme sounding epic.

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I saw someone made a suggestion of a Mongolian Folk Metal style theme

Example 1 sounds like it’s more than likely the direct inspiration for Tusk’s KI2 theme, IMHO if you mixed it with the choral parts of Example 2 it would be so, so epic.