Tusk can kill TJ Combo During his Last Breath Revival, Is This Supposed To Happen?

Is there other characters that can do this to TJ Combo?


Wow that’s pretty slick, nice find. I think it has something to do with Tusk’s OTG move and since he’s the only one capable of this I don’t think anyone else can. Anti Dark TJ tech :joy: good stuff.


Had I of known this before I wouldn’t of tried to ultra the previous TJ combo I came up against who managed to come back and take the match with the Last Breath lol :joy:

Hahaha, don’t worry about that man, we’ve all been hit by that before.

Even though it’d be pretty cool if Tusk lived up to his “death comes to all” victory quote, I call bug in this case. I believe TJ is supposed to be invulnerable during Last Breath for the entire animation.

Looks to me like in order to make TJ untouchable during his last breath they simply coded him to be in a knockdown state as opposed to actually giving him invincibility. Problem is Tusk can still hit opponents in a knockdown state. Just a minor oversight that should be easy to fix.

That could very well be it. But now it’s lab time - can TJ break the skewer? And if so, does he retain his instinct meter and last breath ability? Unfortunately I just started work a couple hours ago, so won’t be able to check for a while.