Tusk back story

I really don’t like this whole lumberjack survival man for tusk I don’t think it would do him justice. I can think of two better ideas.

  1. Make him the king of kan ras story think of like Conan when he becomes king at the end of Conan.
  2. He is a worlds strongest man competitor who is obsessed with his past as a Viking. He wants to relieve and bring back the Viking culture. He competes in contest like lifting those massive logs.
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a frozen barbarian, or an immortal. It can’t really be Tusk if he’s an outdoorsman.

How can you justify an “outdoorsman” having a two handed medieval sword? If any he’d have a big ■■■ machete, and that’s not the same.

How can you add armor or chainmail to an “outdoorsman”? If any he’d have cloth and leather.

Will he have tatoos? warpaint?

I feel this new background severely limits his design possibilities. As long as you aren’t introducing cheap plot twists like “he has the armor of his great great great grandad” or “he found his sword at the castle of whatever” him being an outdoorsman makes me feel we’ll get Thunder 2.0

I’d rather he’d be immortal back in Babylon. He wasn’t the king anyway.

If not… Scotland or Ireland would be nice. He found in many wars with many great warriors throughout history.

He then began living in our time as he hears of Ultratech’s tournament. Of course he’ll face Gargos too.

He’s a nerd that’s really into LARPing and just runs around with a sword beating people at renaissance fairs until he’s granted magical powers from some gypsy lady selling trinkets in a booth turning him into a huge musclebound barbarian. Using his new powers he vows to save Earth from the demonic invasion by defeating Gargos! DAH!


Or let’s make tusk a guest character by making my grognak the barbarian from fallout