Tusk,Air Scullsplitter not working on the jump away

Currently working on “gettin gud” with tusk,has anyone else noticed when u jump away and try a scullspitter it doesnt work? I have performed the move while jumping in all other directions, just doesnt work while jumping away, i hope it wasnt nerfed like mya’s mantis.

In the future, please use the official bug reporting thread for your bug reports. However, this is not a bug. As far as I know the move is only supposed to work from a neutral or forward jump.

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Indeed, it’s working as intended. Can’t remember if shadow version follows the same rules

This is pretty common with air specials in fighting games. They don’t work on back jump, meaning you gotta be offensive with them.

Tell me about Leona’s V slash, akuma fireballs, etc…

I have the same issues with Tusk’s skull spliter, it’s a lot harder to use it in air then any other specials i ever used in before, at least in analog.

As users have pointed out, it’s intended for neutral and forward jump. Closing