Tusk Accessories for those who haven't seen them


God I love the vahalla and steam punk sets.
I’ll be using them and the gladiator for his retro.
Plenty of mix and match options

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I will be sporitng every single 1 of these because they are just that awesome.

That being said, I really, really like the Gladiator set. :slight_smile:

Freaking luchador Tusk! Let’s goooo!!!

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Valhalla and Gladiator are cool. I don’t really like the rest. The Gearbox was kinda funny, but so unfitting Tusk. XD

Kinda sad no he man or conan


WOW! All of those are really great! Looks like IG/MS are listening this time and making sure everything is top notch on the retros!

@DIAMONDVISI0N its not sad…they cant do HE Man, its someones IP, not theirs. There is a Conan…its called Default.

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Luchador Tusk is just…KILLER!!! :heart_eyes:

I always loved wrestling back when it was popular. I can’t wait for Season 3!

wow, modern tusk accessories are much bigger fails than the character himself.

Retro accessories aren’t really less stupid, but i stupidly likes the wrestler outfit :slight_smile:

Still, IG did have one job : giving to retro tusk his tanning with blonde hair from KI2… and they blew it.

I love it!

They gave him a Tarzan barefoot and 300/ Spartacus alt it seems like a few were in the same frame of mind that I have!

The last retro color is very Conan to me, dunno what others don’t see.

He couldn’t possibly have He-man Thunder pUnch accessories as most of you don’t seem to know how licensing and copyrights actually work.

Same with Scorpion

I love the wrestler bottoms :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Thinking I could have the ponytail head, gladiator chest and primitive feet.

Then have a ponytail head, wrestler chest and gladiator feet

Wonder if the accessories change color I’ll go back to watch

This I needed to see for Kim but she’s 3 days away !

The Gearpunk hat makes him look like Slash from Guns 'n Roses…

I think these all look pretty good. I will likely stick to the defaults mostly, but I do like the different sword variants.

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Dissapointed there’s no face paint accessory that mimics his KI2 look. Would have looked very cool, ugh.

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Isn’t there the color 9 retro look with the war paint

Yeah but it looks nothing like his KI2 face.

GladIateher costume is my favorite. I’m really happy that we get retro’s day one!

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