Tuesday's pack 2/7

What crimson pack do you think we’ll get tomorrow?

Ram, because it’s the only crimson guardian left with a dossier in the game.

I have missed all the others but i wont miss this one :smirk:
That Crimson Ram Is Mine :grin:

That’s a pity, the bat is nice, the exemplar… I suck at parrying so I can’t say, but the stats looks good… and the fractured ward… don’t worry about getting it, I’d rather use the Epic one, in my opinion is better than the crimson version.

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I’ve bought them all just to give the @developers my support for keeping even more awesome content coming for this game but yeah a couple of them aren’t any better if at all from the killer version. Will still buy Ram tomorrow though for above reason, lol.

That or a new Guardian if there are any remaining.

The next new one will not come out until April. They don’t want to use to many big things in one month. This month is the first set of ultimates, next month will be second character released after KIWC, but will be shown at KIWC. Which brings us back to April, and when I feel the next new guardian will be released.