Tswagg anounnces emotional retirement. Best of Luck man!


Kid, shut up.
You were always part of the community and always will be. Thanks to you for helping and supporting the game that continues to grow more amazing. Thanks for being an incredible Sadira player that we (everyone here) enjoyed fighting together and watching you go and play in tournaments. We all wish you well and hope this isn’t a good-bye. Much love from us and we’ll see you later. Again, thank you.
P.S. Hopefully we’ll still see you in online matches on some occassions.

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He said that this game brings out his emotions and that’s plain to see. However, that’s not a bad thing really, within reason. This is certainly just that - I wish him all the best outside of Ki and hope everything goes well and just because you choose to step back for a while, doesn’t mean you can’t come back and join in again.



@Tswagg we love you man. Thanks for everything. :smiley:

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Hopefully you will find the time to return to competitive fighting at killer instinct!!!

Get your life together and we will be here for you when you return!


AW how sweet!!!

Do ya school!
Do ya work!

Then come back to KI!

Cant let a game get in front of your life.




#Of all the things we could fund as a community, wouldnt this be the most important?

Guys, please, lets make THIS the community fund.

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Also a fund to get RTA07 an xbioxone for Kim Wu!


WHAT!!! she doesn’t have an xbox one?


Bro work hard and finish school you can always come back to KI at any time but I’m pretty sure we’ll see you online sometime in the future

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I would totally support @RTA07 if this went live.



Awww that would seriously mean so much guys :blush:

Best of luck to @Tswagg as well~!


Best of luck to Tswagg.

This video was pretty hard to watch, not because of the emotional aspect (even though it contributed greatly) but because I carry a very stubborn belief that if something you love is pushed aside by systematic necessities, then you should find another way to achieve those necessities.

Working a job and going to school and never having a time where you can appreciate the things you love? That’s not living. This is all my opinion, but games have become something so much more to me than just games. I couldn’t fathom the idea of having to cut them out of my life.

If it came down to living a high income life with a nice house and a nice car and never ever being able to play video games again or living a low income life in a small house with a passable car and being able to freely play video games and pursue my career I would probably pick the latter.

These are extreme examples but in the correct context you can see where I’m coming from. Again this is just my opinion but I will never let social formalities get in the way of things I love to do and I wish we didn’t have to see Tswagg leave because of things like this.


Can anyone sum up the video, I’m at work so I’m not able to watch? :disappointed:

It sucks to see another veteran leave, still - we continue to grow and our names begin to cement in the history of KI even if those who helped build it, are no longer with us. For whatever reason you chose to leave, best of luck and shine on friend - you had an awesome Sadira.

videogames aint going anywhere, school and gettin to work is more important. that leads to further gaming down the road (or less if you’re a workaholic lol). good for him, he made the right choice to move on and improve his life situation. he can always come back later when things settle down