Trying to get "Friendly" achievements

Can I get an exibition opponent for achievements? Unfortunately none of my friends play Killer Instinct. Anyone can add me as a friend. Just let me know.


I’d be willing to join you - I have certain characters that I never play who I’d like to knock out a few achievements for.

No spaces in my gamertag if you want to go ahead and add me.

Will do. When are you free to do this?

I have a party to go to tonight, but I’m likely to be onlie throughout the weekend. I message me or invite me and I don’t respond, it’s because my wife is watching TV or playing something. Otherwise I’ll at least let you know if I’m going to be free.

So I let you beat me up for the achievments? Sure.

No. We beat each other up. This isn’t some one-sided thing, I’m offering achievements for both of us.

Achievements are meaningless… Unless we give them meaning. For example, I want every single achievement in this game, but sadly, I’ve already gotten so many that I basically only need story-based and ranked achievements at this point… Sorry, buddy. I’d help you, but quid pro quo and all that… :unamused:

How about I let you beat me up now and I will beat you up at a later date?

I’ll add you. Thanks for the help.

Anyone availible to do this right now? I’m ready.

I will be right there. I can’t be on for long though.

Sure our GTs are all on this messae board lol

i can help my gamer tag is Quancro … and we can do the same for season 3

I need to get the friendly and the matchup ones.

Add me if u like playing exhibition matches and I’m on this game about 2 nights a week. My gamer tag is “Lord Webster901”… For some reason this forum forgets the space in the middle

It’s most likely something that pertains to the code the website uses. It’s a fairly common thing to not allow spaces in usernames.

I’ll add everyone and you guys just let me know when you want to play.

I’m ready to start again. Anyone free right now?

I can go now if you want

I want the achievements aswell. Anyone interested in getting them today?