True Neutral Combo Breaker reset thoughts

I had a thought on combo breakers, while season 3 is heavy in neutral game and when a combo is broken players go back to neutral, some characters have advantages/disadvantages when it happens. I thought that maybe if a combo is broken both players go into a “stagger” or have to take a moment before they can perform an action like the throw tech timing. If someone gets broken in the corner another player has the advantage over the other, if someone gets broken out of the air the player closest to the ground gets an advantage over the other. If there were perhaps time to have both characters truly reset to normal perhaps that would remove advantages, i.e. glacius gets pushed away which is exactly where he wants to be.

What do you guys think?


What types of advantages have you seen?

I think the way it is now is fair. Combo is broken, avoid big damage, no more, no less. With that said, spacing is entirely up for grabs and certain characters are at a advantage or disadvantage. Also if you start a combo in a corner and you are broken (or vice-versa), guess what? Your still in the corner. These things are what you should consider what kinda of combo you try and the risks associated, and breaking a combo should not give you a free “Get out of Jail”. A game that forces a “true neutral” would be boring and slow down the pace of this game.

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break glacius he has range necessary to do many things without too much risk. Gargos can setup, Maya gets at a good range and same with Tusk especially with deflect opportunity.

The negatives are for close range characters like RAAM, Thunder, Aganos.

If a character gets stuck in the corner they don’t get the full range to back off from the opponent, so they stay stuck, not that they need to be out free but the area advantage goes to the person out of the corner despite the player in the corner making a good read an trying to make a comeback.

Aerial breaks can give plenty of space, but it also depends upon who lands first when it comes to advantage. It doesn’t seem 100% neutral reset, there are nuances, but that might be the meta that is coming to the forefront. But it is a universal mechanic that you would assume is the same for all characters, but in certain scenarios that isn’t the case.

Now as it currently stands there is a meta involved. You can attack, block, or move (forward, back, jumping) which creates a neutral, but it’s immediately back in the action. So a person who gets broken and perhaps out of muscle memory pressed the next step in their combo may put themselves into a risky situation because of the break giving the breaker the advantage. Someone who is on the attack gets put into disadvantage, and someone on the defensive truly gets put into neutral or can be put into the offense because of the scenario it was broken in.

Not sure if I’m being clear, but it was only a thought, the breaker system is fine, but some characters in some scenarios get what seems to be an albeit small advantage, but it doesn’t seem to truly set to neutral as it was explained with the changes.

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which is true, it would slow it down and perhaps the meta of the game needs to be fleshed out still with the new system. I don’t expect a “get out of jail free” card, but if I do make a read on you and break your combo i think the reward should justify that. The system is cool as is, but glacius gets broken he has space to setup or lance you and is safe to do so (in most cases), Gargos is in a position thats optimal for him, and then characters like RAAM, aganos, thunder are at disadvantage if a combo is broken.

Again that is the meta of the game, but when you’re put into a corner and you break a combo to get the chance to escape you’re pretty well stuck there against certain characters. Which goes back to advantages and disadvantages of a character. But I think that with a brief pause in action it truly puts you in a neutral, which is the point of the current breaker system. Some characters benefit more from breakers, a universal mechanic, than others which might warrant to be looked at and it might not.

For those who dont understand…

When glacius breaks someone, he can immediately do heavy shatter, and catch many people. Im sure most of us have been hit by this. Other characters can do nothing. Its not fair that zoners get an advantage in spacing after breakers, and that breakers near the corner basically give the “breaker” a free flip-out.


I get what you are saying from a spacing point of view, however I don’t agree with a disadvantage based on the characters and examples you chose. I feel what I gathered is that characters with ranged attacks can offset the flow by applying pressure where characters that don’t have that ability after a breaker. I think as long as both character recover at the same time from the flip out. It’s equal time to react and make decisions based on spacing. I feel the breaker system should space characters right at the neutral range in the beginning of a match.

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I agree that characters should have the opportunity to react at the same time. An the pause doesn’t necessarily need to be a thing, perhaps there is a better idea. Such as the consistent spacing for both characters that get broken. The ranged characters get advantages over characters that can’t. Now you can always block, that is an option, but ranged can continue pressure while rushdown characters can’t.

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Isn’t that how it always is though? A character like sabrewulf always has to struggle to get in on a glacius from mid screen to fullscreen. I get it. Is not a reset persay. However different match ups have these. The combo breaker reset allows you to react to what happens next. If it resets to close then the rushdown archtypes gains more.

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Right i don’t think changing the spacing is the solution, but if it were consistent across the board that would be ideal. An the way they work now of course wulf should lose to glacius at a neutral range. that should happen regardless of breaks. But if it were an equal opportunity I think it’d help generate more footsie oriented or “neutral” play. an then again maybe it wouldn’t with how this game works. so with the wulf v. gla scenario if it were a true neutral reset wulf could potentially make a move to stay safe or return to the offensive. at least that’s how i think it would go.

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I’m confused. So the breakers are inconsistent? I’m ignorant to this when I play. How so? Can a character move before the other?

Nvm I reread your first post. Are a breaker, it’s back into action. Rather Than footies with neutral. Is that what you’re saying?

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one character can’t move before the other they’re always able to move immediately after. The inconsistency is in the spacing when it comes to the corner or aerial breaks.

yea its immediately back into action and not a footsie neutral. BUT it can be with the current system but that’s the meta we have to play.

The issue that comes up is that zoning characters are exactly where they want to be after a break, rushdowns are at a disadvantage because of it.


When you put it like that you make a good point.