Trouble with Windows 10 Invites

Hi, I’ve recently joined on the forums since the Windows 10 release (though I dabbled a bit on a friends XB1 awhile back). I’ve recently got a few of my friends to switch over to Windows 10 JUST for KI’s sake. Problem is now, when I invite them to a lobby, no matter if it’s exhibition, lobby, etc, they don’t seem to get the invite, nor do I. Is there a fix for this?

The invites are in the Xbox app of Windows 10

Yes I know, but when the confirm button is pressed, the invites don’t go through. Would a restart work, or is it a bug of some sort?

EDIT: The invites are going through now, but we’re unable to connect? We’re both in the midwestern part of the United States, so it can’t be a distance issue.

can i ask you if you did something in particular to fix this problem? i have the same issue. if i invite friends they don’t receive the invite, and same thing if they invite me. if we want to play, one of us has to create a lobby and the others have to manually search for it, then it works fine. but it’s annoying to be not able to use invites. strange thing is, when the game launched on pc, i played a bit with friends and invites worked normally. now thay don’t

Make sure you have the app running - the Xbox one and the KI game. The problem my buddy had was that his teredo tunneler was acting up (some network jargon) so we went through a whole heap of hell to get it working. He couldn’t connect at all, but since you and your friend can still play together your problem might be different than mine.

yeah, i always have the xbox app open in order to see who of my friends is online. and of course i get the teredo address, since i’m able to play. what bugs me is that, as i said, the first few days after the game came out on pc, i didn’t have any problem inviting friends and being invited. i really don’t understand why it used to work and now all of a sudden it stopped