Trouble filling up lobbies/ possible connection issue?

Hey guys My friend and I create lobbies every friday and saturday night from 9 pst to the wee hours but the problem is that when we both play, we cant seem to get the lobbies full. Could this be a location issue? Hes in cali and im in michigan. When either of us create lobbies by our selves the lobbies fill up fast! Some nights we cant get a single person in the lobby. My internet connection is sexy. 30 down/5 up. his connection is about the same. the lobbies are open to everyone and every rank. any ideas as to WHY this is happening and a possible SOLUTION.

Rather than look/wait for randoms, find people to invite?

That is all I’ve got. Lol!

thanks for the suggestion. we like to play with everyone not just the same people over and over.

You can do both, can’t you? Do you have to make the lobby private in order to invite people?