Trioxin-Style Zombie Concept

I understand the community is avoiding the Z-word like we’re in a Romero movie. Who can blame you? The media is over saturated with zombies these days! And we have a Ghost, Skeleton, Mummy and an Upcoming Vampire. Seems like the cast could wind up over saturated with the undead! But… We’d be stupid to think it isn’t a viable trope today, what with The Walking Dead and World War Z and so on. We shouldn’t avoid the subject, we should consider ways to make it work in case a zombie character is already locked in. So here are my suggestions:

  1. Base it on the Trioxine zombie. (Return of the Living Dead. Tarman and Trash are great examples)
  2. It walks, but has a sprint meter that grows as it consumes, allowing it to run.
  3. It doesn’t have a specific look, its primary would be the “signature” zombie but zombies are really diverse, so one could be horribly decomposed while another may look relatively fresh. One could be bloated, another could have an emptied torso area with bits hanging out. One could be a firefighter, another a clown. One male, one female. This would allow for some seriously fun customization, and being zombies it would make sense.
  4. Give it a few different vocal options. One moans, another screams, another says “BRAIIINS!!!” All cheesy like.

Normally I’d say no to a zombie, but this being Killer Instinct, And having such a great customization system, I think if approached in this way it could work.

Interesting idea, though I think it should be the opposite. Starts full and you’re able to run at full speed but reduces as you consume making him slower in the end but buffing the damage on attacks.
I was thinking a pip-based Bite meter that only allows for 3-5 bites per game, each bite takes one predetermined tool of the opponent and is usable for a period of 6-8 seconds.

I think a gross version with all its parts hanging out should be the retro. I would like to see IG’s take on the standard costume for a zombie, they’re creative enough to trust with that.

I’m sure we’ll see a lot of that with their movesets. Like a growl or “BRAAINS!” during Shadow Linkers. Different vocal options I would like to see, but likely low on the priority list.

Personally, I would like a Frankenstein character more than anything. Something akin to Benviktor from Ben 10. If anyone even remembers that show.

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same here!

BUT i can play with a zombie too

That would make a good accessory set. Neck bolts and stitches and such. Technically, he IS a zombie after all.

Oh and no reason the zombie couldn’t have its arms outstretched a lot.