Tried everything,cant cope with this game.Online is 100% unfriendly

This game is on epileptic levels.I have tried,trained,trained trained 3 months now,im getting wrecked on ranked matches,from people way lower (according to the most inaccurate rank system made ever) thank my rank.I have made it SADLY to killer rank,i play like 3-6 hours a week,in these hours i get my training etc,why im i ranked with people who spend 100 hours /week on their accounts?Is it fun for me to get wrecked by so many PayToWin Shago,or make only chip damage to opponents who clearly are on a much much much higher lvl than me.What is this?

Where am supposed to train?With “kyle” lvl of AI with 100% reading code which reads all the moves bofore even the signal reaches the receiver?(sarcasm)

I have left many fights when the system is MMking me with people who get me to 50% red bar and they are 99% green bar,thats the only answer,i wanna have fun,maybe play a bit online,but the ranked system is a cesspool.

I dont care about fast matchmaking,i care about correct,its not fun to get wrecked,how can one learn from that?i try to have fun,but sadly the developers are aiming for a specific audience of a couple of thousand of people.I had fun back in 94-96 a lot with the killer instinct franchise.This is way far from “having fun”.

I quit this game with a bitter taste because i loved killer instinct when i was young,really loved the fun and the innovation it brought to the genre,but this elitist version of the game is beyond my skill-less hands and obviously perception .

My blood pressure is good,i do not need any salt :slight_smile:

Major red flag: PayToWin Shago.

I hate to break to you but, not everyone is going to take you seriously if you call Shago a pay to win character.

Second. All of your wins and losses (especially if you’re on Ranked) are automatically saved to the game. You should analyze those videos first before coming to the forums with complaints. Just a thought.


Try playing some exhibition for a while, see if you can play longer sets against people who are roughly your skill level.

If you got to killer, you’ve been winning SOME matches (probably at least 50% of them), so you’re doing better than you think. Sure you’ll get dunked by a really strong player every now and again, but don’t let it bother you.

Another option, if you don’t really care about being Killer and just want to find some fun matches, is to requalify and drop back down to bronze or whatever. You’ll fight easier opponents down there. If you keep beating them, you’ll eventually get back to killer, but then maybe that’s where you should be.


Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn, if you’re still willing. There’s a lot of friendly faces around here (myself included) who will be more than happy to walk you through anything you might need help with or not understand.

If you haven’t already done so, I recommend these modes:
combo-breaker training
shadow lab

I also recommend this website: (best guide to KI anywhere; was even endorsed by the devs!)

It sounds like you’ve been playing a lot online, and I’ll be the 1st to tell you that although that gets you the most legit experience, since you’re fighting actual people, it’s not a good place to start. The Kyle difficulty is unfair and broken because it does things that are inhumanly possible too, so that’s not exactly what I’d call a fair comparison for the off-line modes either.

The ranking system works fine (for the most part). It’s not perfect, I admit, but no ranking system is.

Shago is NOT pay to win (nothing in this game is) - you just have to know how to approach him, like every other character. Start by blocking his non-surged specials. Those are very easily punishable on block. If he crosses you up, reverse your block. :wink:

I urge you not to quit, and I hope you come back to read this response (and I’ll message you on XBL to get you do exactly that). Quitting won’t help you become a better player - it never does. Taking a closer look at why you’re losing or why others are winning (like with the archive’s replays), however, will teach you a surprising amount. You just have to be open-minded and think positively, rather than being so negative and blaming either yourself or the game.

So, let’s break it down into parts. First, tell us where you’re having problems with specifically. What can you do? What can you not do? Also, what character(s) do you like to play? Which match-ups do you have the most trouble with?

If you’d like a more hands-on approach, I’m online virtually every day (as one of those whom you’ve mentioned has hundreds of hours of experience), and always ready to help those in need. I wouldn’t be a teacher if I didn’t. :slight_smile:

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I strongly agree with this. I hardly touched ranked when I started KI and I did not even get good until 5 months of owning KI and playing for a good few hours a day.

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Shago/Gargos/Eyedol/General CPU and others.The main issue is that either im fighting against players lower than me,i mean i dont even have to think OR i am in the position of getting maimed,its black or white mostly,i love the gray area!

Shago animations are so blurry that i have no idea where he is most of the time.Cant block him,whatever i do,people do something else and they open me apart.

I love to win and i love to lose,when its in an acceptable frame of “yeah maybe a couple of moves there and i had him” or “phew i got off at the last second there” , either way,but wreck or get wrecked,i hate it.I play against alot of shadows (usually against shadows within the 5 first spots of each respective character) and i usually win,i mean ratio like 95% wins,i tried dojo,done most of the lessons,i hate jagos playstyle and dojo gives me nothing new since im interested in sabrewolf and his gameplay/capabilities.Why is there the “ONLY JAGO” training mode?Why not for every character?i find that extremely annoying and plain wrong.I have already done the “requalify” thing last month,this month im sitting around 8-16 which is really really really bad ratio.

I play sabrewolf , it KI1 and KI2 he was my main/favorite too.I hate it that he has no “firebat” nowadays.

Then I would definitely recommend you try exhibition. Find a few people where you have good “gray area” matches (should be pretty easy if you play for an hour or so), and then send them a friend request or something. See if they are willing to stick around and play you in longer sets. This is the best way to get better and have fun.

If you want to learn about how characters work/how to block them/how to counter them, you can see if anything on my guide helps you out.

i will look into it,thank you.

p.s:Everyone is welcome to add me on xbox live and after that we can go do some

p.s2 : Im sorry for any grammar mistakes,Enlgish is not my primary language.

You should train with Shadow labs…never the artificial AI.

There is no reason a lower ranked player should be beating you if you are Killer unless its a player that has reset their rank each month to make the climb again with a new character.

So you are Rage Quiting because you are loosing? You will never get better that way. Not sure how you made it to Killer.

Why dont you reset your rank and start over and just play Exhibition with your Search Parameter set to QUALIFIER - QUALIFIER???

Or advance to Bronze and set your parameters to BRONZE - BRONZE?

The game is just fine… the match making is fine if you set the parameters correctly. If you dont like the match making in Ranked…dont play ranked. Seems like you arent too worried about a rank anyway so why waste your time playing Ranked?

Thats my Advice to you…good luck

I’m not sure how it’s possible how you’re only getting supremes or getting wrecked…guess I need to see how you play.

And yes, Shadow Jago is super hard to predict and see. That’s why he does very little damage and all those crazy specials are unsafe.

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Okay, I’ve already mentioned how to deal with Shago, for the most part, but I suppose I can go into detail.

To start, his divekick is NOT an overhead, which means you can block it low, unlike normal jumping attacks. So, you can block his slide, his divekick, his projectiles, AND his DP all while blocking low (that’s ALL of his specials). That only leaves him his regular jump-in attacks, his overhead-hitting axe-kick command normal (which is slow and reactable), and his throw (which he can also get from a dash-cancel). You can still block all of these with a high block if you so choose, but his slide will likely get you.

If you see him jump, block high to prevent the overhead from a normal jump-in attack ('cause at that point, he’s not going to slide - you just got to watch for a follow-up low normal when he lands - and if he does that, then you can low block it and likely shadow counter his next attack if you happen to have meter yourself; remember that - it’s good advice regardless of which character you’re fighting).

If you see him dash forward, hold back to block, but also be ready to tech his throw by readying a throw input yourself. You can also back-dash or neutral jump to avoid a throw, but that’s risky if he dash cancels into his DP, so I don’t recommend that course of action.

If he has enough meter for a surge, expect him to use it (it makes a lot of his specials safe) - keep an eye on it, because that will let you know how long to hold your block (hold it down longer if he uses it), otherwise, go ham if he doesn’t have it. If he hits you with his throw or some surged moves, he can juggle you, however, once he does, he’ll be forced to perform a light, medium, or heavy manual followed by an axe kick to recapture you. You can break his manuals with a good read/reaction, but it’s risky due to a potential lockout. So, I recommend waiting for the axe-kick. It’s easier to break, but also carries its own risks - for example, he may simply not do it and/or do something else instead.

His overhead axe-kick can be a nuisance to be sure, but he can only do it at a certain range, so if he’s far away you don’t have to worry about it. Furthermore, if he does it in a combo, you can break it with a heavy combo-breaker since it’s so slow (watch out for counter-breakers though).

His projectiles are really, really fast, but do next to no damage, so if Shago tries to zone you with those, sit tight and wait for an opening. He’ll get shadow/surge meter eventually, but once he does, he’ll want to use it. Wait for him to get in close and waste it, then hit him where it hurts if no other opportunity presents itself before then.

His divekick can cross-up, but only if he’s within half-screen or so - that’s when you want to be ready to reverse your block.

In regards to the Shago matchup, good luck.

Gargos actually has a glaring weakness - he’s vulnerable up close on wakeup. You have to pressure him by getting in his face. Sure, he may be intimidating, but it’s only a farce until he gets his minions.

If he command grabs you, you can break the followup manual hits while he holds you - a headbutt is a light combo-break; a punch to the gut is a medium combo-break; a knee to the gut is a heavy combo-break. If he chooses to either tele-slam you throw to the ground, drop you, or absorb your shadow, those are unbreakable (sadly). If he tries to command grab you out of the air or during a combo, you can also break/tech the initlal grab with a light combo-breaker. Be aware that he can command grab you up close (light), leap forward and command grab you (medium), or command grab you while you’re in the air (heavy).

His portal punches are considered projectiles, so any projectile invincible move should be able to avoid it. Conversely, you can bide your time by blocking it, and dashing in closer during the moves recovery (and still have time to block or avoid a follow-up portal punch). If he combos you: the portal punch that appears beneath your feet or at your ankles can be broken with a light combo-breaker; If it appears in front of you, that’s medium; if it appears above your face or above your head, that’s a heavy. Many Gargos players like to hit you with the heavy or the portal punch ender to bounce you and then juggle you closer with the light portal punch that appears underneath so that they can then put you in range of his command grab - be ready to break those lights (but also be aware that he can also counter-break you) or the command grab (since it’ll be in a combo). If he has shadow meter, watch out for the shadow portal punch, which comes out fast and can stop you mid-move or mid-jump, as well as be used as a combo-opener. If he uses it mid-combo, you can break it - it’s 1 of the easiest shadow moves in the game to break. Of course, like with all things, he can counter-break, but knowing it’s easy to combo-break, you can bait the counter by only pressing it once, and forcing him to drop his combo, leaving him exposed.

If he uses his charge (I forget the name of it), simply block and be aware of in-air follow-ups since he’ll often bounce off of you. The shadow version is slow and easy to block, so punish that right away if you block it. Also, it’s an overhead, so block high.

Minions can be tough, there’s no doubt about that, but they have to get in close to hit you, unless Gargos throws 1 at you (which I find is incredibly rare). Sit back and poke them with your light attacks to limit your exposure to Gargos who will try to use them to open you up. Watch for his command grab as he gets closer, otherwise, block anything he throws at you. Remember, the skinny 1 takes 2 separate hits; the fat 1 takes 3. Learn the timing of their attacks to find your openings and watch for their special moves that Gargos may try to use against you (the latter pins you down, while the other hits with a delayed overhead attack).

When Gargos uses his instinct, he gets infinite armor for as long as the instinct lasts, which means you can hit him to your heart’s content and he won’t flinch. To counter this, you can either a) throw him, or b) hit him with a grounded heavy normal attack (such as standing or crouching heavy punch or kick), which can immediately put him at a disadvantage, since his instinct doesn’t allow him to block. He might explode to prevent you from taking advantage, but that’s okay since he loses half his instinct in the process and it does no damage whatsoever (but watch for followup setups, since it’ll knock you down on hit).

Gargos only has 3 auto-doubles - learn them so you can break them!

Eyedol’s a bit hard to fight right now, because even the devs think he’s unbalanced right now. You see, his jumping heavy punch is really powerful. It does damage, it comes out fast, it has a big hitbox, it recovers quickly and puts him at advantage, AND it bounces for a juggle opportunity. It will, thankfully get patched in some way soon though - the devs will be seeing to that (they’ve confirmed this). Until then, avoid this attack at all costs!

On hit with his jumping heavy punch, a lot of Eyedol players like to follow it up either with his medium overhead attack, or his medium or heavy DP. The former recaptures and the other 2 allow for juggles. Be ready to break these on reaction. What’s interesting is that any of these can be followed up by ANOTHER DP, so be ready to break those too if you don’t make an attempt to break the 1st set during a combo, since that seems to be a rather popular setup with him right now.

Like Gargos, Eyedol also has 3 auto-doubles. Learn them so you can break him more effectively!

His shadow mallet (when he hits the ground with his mace) can be shadow-countered, just about anywhere during the move due to how slow it is, so if you block it, do it for a free combo punish. His normal mace slam, however, is fast and relatively safe (I think), so be careful with that one. His mace slam ender either sets up a juggle or causes a hard knockdown (I can’t recall which; I will check this and re-edit and/or someone will undoubtedly correct me).

His shoulder charge is punishable on block as well, but be careful because the shadow version is projectile invulnerable. This ender is his wall-splat ender, so watch for follow-up grabs.

His DP is powerful for the reasons mentioned above: his heavy recaptures, his medium sets him up for a juggle, and what I didn’t tell you before is that his light DP has invincible startup frames. If he’s close to you on wakeup (after you knock him down), watch for this, block it, and punish as he comes back down. The shadow version is both invincible and recaptures. Keep in mind, however, that the medium and heavy versions are NOT invincible. His DP is his damage ender in warrior stance (and I think sets him up for juggles too, if I’m not mistaken - again, I’ll double check this and edit and/or someone will undoubtedly correct me).

His forward charge is easily blockable, punishable, and shadow-counterable. However, he can use a rage charge to cancel it mid-move into a jump or a dash, so be wary if he has those charges - otherwise, punish away.

Watch for his command grab - it does no damage, but gets him mage charge, which makes his mage’s specials more powerful. It also leaves him at advantage, making it easier for him to hit you with a followup attack such as a poke into combo, another command grab, or a regular grab. Like with Gargos, he can grab you up close (light) or leap forward and grab you (medium). The good news, unlike Gargos, he can’t use it to grab you out of the air or use it while he himself is in the air. Instead, he can back-dash, then leap forward and grab you, as kind of a pseudo-fake out (heavy).

While in mage stance, he will attempt to zone you out. His bolt strike can hit you low (block it low) along the ground, strike you out of the air while you jump (medium) or hit you up close (heavy). Blocking low stops all of these, but if he hits you, he can follow it up with another bolt-strike or use his teleport for a free no-damage rage charge. If he has mage charges, he can make his bolt strike more effective by doing more than 1 at the same time, but they can still be blocked. His bolt-strike ender gives him more shadow meter.

The problem with blocking low is not the bolt-strike, but his meteors, which hit overhead. Be ready to switch your blocks from low to high if you think he’s going to drop 1 (or more with mage charges) on your head, or vice-versa if he starts with a meteor and goes into a bolt-strike. Thankfully, his shadow meteors don’t hit overhead, so as powerful as those are, you won’t have to worry about how you block them. His meteor ender is his damage ender.

His teleport does no damage, but gives him rage charges if used correctly. It’s easy to do too, since he can immediately use it on a hit (or even on block with some of his other attacks, like his long-range medium command normal). However, it has a slow startup, so you can punish it as he does it (assuming you didn’t get hit or block an attack beforehand) and is also punishable on recovery if you successfully block the attack. He can teleport in front your behind you, so be ready for either 1. If he hits you because you guessed wrong, don’t worry too much about it. He just put himself closer to you, making himself easier to punish, and he can’t use his rage charges until he switches his stance back to warrior.

His ground stomp in mage is the worst of his attacks, since it’s easily blocked (high or low), but be careful as it’s got range and can be used as a good pressure tool up close) and can be used to start combos. If he uses the stomp as an ender, it juggles, so be ready to break any anti-air he may throw at you (most likely a crouching heavy punch, which shoots up at a 45-degree angle).

While in instinct, Gargos can use his special attacks from both stances at the same time. His mace slam pairs with his bolt strike, his shoulder charge pairs with his hoof stomp, and his DP pairs with his meteors. Just keep in mind the properties of both attacks as he does them, while in instinct. for example, if he attacks you with a light DP, he’ll also throw out a close meteor. This means it’ll hit mid and overhead AND be invincible during startup, so you’ll want to block high. Conversely, if he does a light mace slam, he’ll also do a low bolt-strike, so you’ll want to block this low. And so on… Also, watch for his shadow moves, which will hit 10x instead of 5x, since he does both versions of the shadow attacks, either at the same time (as with the mallet slam and bolt strike) or 1 after the other (as with his DP/meteor storm and shoulder charge/hoof stomp). He can also use this time to punch himself in the face to keep his instinct active. Use this opportunity to punish him, if he does that (conveniently, he’ll also be hurting himself in the process).

I hope that helps you with your matchups! Wooh, I need to give my fingers a rest… :slight_smile:

If anyone notices any errors in my post, feel free to correct me, for @Pazzmanian’s benefit. :wink:


There is no way I’m going to read all that, so I’m just going to leave a like for the effort, lol.

Just know that it’s split into 3 parts - 1 for how to fight against Shago, 1 for Gargos, and 1 for Eyedol (regardless of who you might be playing as). If you need help with any of those matches, I highly recommend you take the time to read those sections.

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LOL thanks for the recap. I actually did read all of it, I’m just applauding the effort.

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Galatic geeks advice should not be ignored

You complain about being bad but seem like me dont want to just hunker down and record the ai to do things that make you mad or open you up

Until you do that until you study the game

Till you work on your weaknesses you won’t improve

I’ve started going into combo break trainer and memorizing how my character looks getting hit with lights mediums and heavys

Your character will always look the same getting hit by any cast memebers lights mediums or heavys

This visual queue is easier them remembering everyones auto doubles

Got website to help break every characters shadow move too

3 months vs giys who been playing ki 3 years let alone fighters there whole life

Stop worrying about winning and losing

Think why they beat you? Learn to change that

I’ll get bodied for 4 hours vs galatic or anyone really and play them till i start doing better

Then when i play someone else i see these improvements


Thank you all for your kind advice,i read everything and im going to “investigate” these situations,sparing partners are welcome.

Thank you GalacticGeek for your replies,they really gave me some food for thought and some really useful information to look into,for that,i thank you.

Dism3mbermenT,Thank you for your tip on the combo breakers animation,i will definitely look into that.

Thank you for the info guys.
I really love KI and now i see this friendly community , makes me feel like a j*erk regarding all the words used in the first post :frowning: Keep in mind i was just finished getting wrecked for the last hour before the post



OP, i was in your position. i can relate. i had just come out of a hiatus from fighting games that had lasted 5 years. i spent about 8 straight months of getting bodied every single day. i trained hard, looked up tech on the forums here, and things got better. looks like everybody got you covered on the advice so ill just say stay in the exhibitions for a couple months. avoid the ranked until later

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Kudos to you for actually listening to people’s advice. I won’t add any but I will just point out that your experience where you feel like you are either wrecking noobs or getting demolished by experts is pretty common for intermediate level fighting game players. Some if it is illusion, but some of it has to do with the demographics of who is playing and it’s mostly the huge mass of casual players or the 1000 guys who play nothing but KI. The chances of randomly finding another intermediate player are just low. So whether you are in exhibition or ranked if you find someone who is at your competetive level immediately send them a friend invite so you can build a community of similarly skilled players.

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I’ll add you when I get home from my vacation, gold tier casual player who uses almost all characters. Not a specialist but I like to have fun sets.

Heck, go ahead and fight me. I won’t go easy on you, but I’ll be frank enough to point out your mistakes, weaknesses, missed opportunities, etc. to help you get better. It may not be all butterflies and rainbows, but you’ll be learning.

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