Tribute to my beloved main

A video I had in mind for long but finally got the time to sit and do. It’s also a message due to my last experience back into competitive gaming. The FGC can be kind of discouraging for many persons, but with practice , work, and good spirits anyone can join.

However the worst part are those persons who will discourage anyone or even understimate players because of their gender or gaming background.

I’m happy to say it was never the case in the KI community. It’s a shame to say it’s been always my own country where I’ve struggled an encountered discouraging situations (things will change, I’m sure of that, it is starting).
My neighbour countries and the US, who have a more “mature” FGC, where the ones I relied the most regarding KI. It’s not strange that some players don’t even know where I live and relate me with those other countries (yeap, we are all in South America :blush:)

But there are still those who think that being a woman means you are not supposed to play fighting games (yeap unbelievable!! but I’ve seen it and experienced such thing). Thankfully they are the minority

At this stage of my life I couldn’t care much about what those guys say, but for some girls and women who would also feel attracted to fighting games (or competitive gaming for that matter) could be discouraging, I’ll say: Don’t be!! those persons don’t stand for the whole FGC! Play as long as it makes you happy

Figthing games community is a cool one, but just like in fighting games, there’s always room for improvement. I cheer for that! :smile:

PS: captures are for fun and there’s no humiliation intended, still, some deserved the ultras XD


Awesome vid and excellent song choice!!! You are very talented both as a Sabre main and an artist!!!

All hail the mighty Wulf!

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Bien trabajo! This was an awesome montage! Never underestimate the girl unless you want to get destroyed :b. You inspired me to make my own montage, nice. Keep making KI great!


I can’t get bored of Wulf. Nothing new about that :stuck_out_tongue:
You should do a video Indeed! :+1: (would like to see more ppl tribute of their main, it’s cool)

I did this one using upload studio (kind of a pain honestly, lol) and then added the music with a free open source software. But I like how Upload Studio has improved the quality.

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■■■■, that play at 1:34 was lit. The closest I’ve done to a tribute vid is my Arby’s combo montage, you can find it on Arbiters char combo thingy on this forum. Jeez, I still have chills, you are probably one of the scariest wulfs out there. Take care, really cool vid

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Lol, that’s against my boyfriend, he wasn’t very happy and he was also surprised I put him in the video but the reaction was cool! haha. We played a lot that day. He loves punishing me with ragged edge a lot since I’m not very patient from time to time. Of course he was going to cancel, and he ate the bait too :joy:

I would love to be :sunglasses: it also depends on the character the other person use :stuck_out_tongue: