Transformers Glacius? What the fudge?

Um…so this is a thing…

Kinda reminds me when Star Wars snatched Fisto from Masters of the Universe.

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What! He’s a Decepticon? I though glacius was good guy space alien cop dude!

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Not only that, he’s one of the Decepticon’s Pokemon!!

I saw this pictures and it make me miss my favorite show “Transformers Cybertron” and “Transformers animated”… Transformers Cybertron is best show I’ve ever seen!

I…I don’t know how to respond to that…Sorry, I’ve been into Transformers since G1. I mean Animated was pretty good in a Teen Titans sort of way, glad they kept the designs more original. But Cybertron…I mean the toys were pretty good, & the cg animation was great, but the writing was poor…I mean it was better than Armada & Energon, but that’s like saying 3 week old warm tuna tastes better than dog vomit.

& G1…an x-large fresh pizza…cheezy but delicious & filling.

I like Transformers G1 too! I have transformers G1 movie DVD!

I was kid and watch transformers animated and it’s good show. But not really great show! I have collection Transformers animated toys!

You mean you don’t like transformers cybertron?.. But that’s show is popular…

No I didn’t care for the show. I guess the Japanese style of storytelling just doesn’t click too well with me. Plus there was a lot of story Hasbro wanted to tell with it that the animation company didn’t, such as Megatron’s Unicron armor. But hey, it gave us Vector Prime, Primus, & one of the best Optimus Prime robot modes ever so I can’t knock it too much.

Oh! I know it’s your opinion! : )

Yeah, if you like Cybertron…more power to you. I mean there’s a reason why they’ve made thousands of the toys in all shapes, sizes, & alternate modes…not everybody likes every one of them.

…& nobody likes Wheelie…lol

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Do you like transformers beast wars? My big brothers love that show!

It’s pretty good. Plus Transmetal Megatron was my first ever Megatron. BTW, if you ever get his toy, be mindful of turning his waist…I did it wrong once & snapped it in two.

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I have the original movie and entire box set of the orginal cartoon series…it ran me over 140$ a few years ago!

I also liked Beast Wars when it came out… I used to watch that after school when i was in HS i believe. Beast wars wasnt received well…remember the Spider? Sadira!!! lol oh…no hse was more like Devorah!!!

You got the touch!!! You got the power!!!

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you’re right about Megatron. My big brothers accident broke Megatron like what you say…

Back to the topic, which seems to have pleasantly derailed worse than a train at the bottom of the ocean…lol

I wonder what this will mean for a Glacius KI figure. It could cause a bit of a trademark problem.

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How about a Fulgore figure which can transform into some type of vehicle. Imagine what that would be like.

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For KI classic’s sake:

His alternate mode would be a razorback boar.