Transformation during instinct mode

Hey, I have idea about new character for Season 4! I don’t care which new character’s gender. His/her backstory and style gameplay too. I really want to see KI get new character who can transformation monster from human. When you use instinct mode. He/she will be transformation until run out of instinct mode.

Some fighting games have that character like this. :arrow_down:

Yeah, We’ve discussed about this before. We want vampire transformation during instinct mode before someone leaked Mira. But we didn’t get character transformation… I hope they give us this new character for Season 4! :slight_smile:


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I would love something like this!

Maybe a male vampire can do that.

Maybe also a character based on Beast Boy can do that.

Well not necessarily a vampire since Mira’s a thing now, but that would be interesting for a character that was like half-human/half-beast sort of thing.


1.a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal.


What would this do in terms of gameplay?

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Damage+speed buff bigger hit box maybe

Could be neat depending on the character.

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Could still be the coven leader…I have a feeling that he isnt your run of the mill vampire, but something more, maybe a vampire god or the original ‘pure’ vampire with a more beastly form…I would love for that character to be in KI, and then a story in SL where Maya goes on a quest for her sisters soul…

Also, after seeing that Bloody Roar footage…that game looked great and flashy as heck for the time it comes from…why wasnt it the biggest thing ever then, spawning a million sequels?

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Vampire’s still a vampire regardless.

Though I would love for bloody roar make a comeback

Then maybe he’s a demon that spawned the vampire race with his blood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I’d love to see a transformation character. I always thought that Sareena in Mortal Kombat would be a cool character to do this and unleash her inner demon and what not, but for KI’s purpose, I think the Lovecraftian character could be awesome at this.

I picture him as encased in shell like samurai armor and using a sword made of bone and scales, but once the character pops instinct, it’s this crazy looking sea creature with tentacles and mouth with these crazy long teeth, and all of it’s moves hit harder and take advantage of it’s capabilities more. Kinda vague, but you get the picture.

Either way, I’d love to see something like this in season 4!

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