Training Online

Without delay. There’s an urgent need for Online Training mode in Killer Instinct.

I am perplexed about the lack of the mode when KI has such a good netcode. And also devs were very creative and delivered lots of functionality during first two seasons, but still not the online training.

Of course this is a basic thing for fighting game. Not only competing but also learning together is very important. And this was supposed to be from S1.
The time is slowly going out. It’s almost 3 years already new KI exists and still the only way to learn something in-and-out is to play training offline with friend, which is unreachable for some people. or tune training dummy that also has some issues.

We mostly play KI online. So training online is what we need.
I’m out of words. This should be so obvious, but for some reason devs are continuing to ignore that. Why? Can we expect it at least in S3?

The ability to search for an opponent with specific criteria (if exhibition) while training offline is also a nice feature. Already became a standart among other high level fighting games.

I’ve met a lot of new players who impatient about these options.
Sadly can’t create a poll. If there anybody think those can wait or even be never released? Or there are lot more important things to do with the game - also may be an opinion.

But, for example, online training mode looks like a very basic task in area of polishing and making the game more accessible for people. Only one new menu item - “search training” for a simple fight with no time limit and refilling meters. That’s enough.

The perfect thing would be a combination of offline training while searching for another practicing opponent. Of course there a room for improvements in the future, but we need to start from something.

Dear Iron Galaxy, I would love to know more about developing process going on right now. And why those options seems like an excess for you?