Training mode revamp?

Ive only messed around with a few characters in it, but it seems like they updated a lot (maybe all) of the frame data and properties of moves. Man, i could faint…


Dojo Stealth Buff? Awesome.
Make sense, since so much has changed, especially in this patch.

Finally! I just hope it’s all accurate now.

Finally, Eyedol’s Mage-Head Stomp Strike finally shows the correct data. Before I knew the Attack Data was wrong, I was wondering why the hell LK Stomp Strike was zero on block and HK Stomp Strike was +3 on block, but MK Stomp Strike was freakin’ -6 on block. Made absolutely no sense to me. It’s correct now.

Yeah, Keits briefly commented about it on twitter this morning about the frame data being fixed in training.

THANK YOU @TheKeits & CO.!



Now the only thing missing is online training mode. :wink:


It has nothing to do with listening.

Re-generating the frame data in game takes a lot of time. Isaac and Ramon put in that extra time just for you guys.


I’m still waiting for the music from KI2 to be selectable for my virtual jazzercise. :cry:

But it is nice to see the updated movesets. Particularly in the finishing category. :smirk:

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Fulgore’s L and M lasers are still listed as +2 on block on attack data though. Its nice that its updated, but sadly its not all correct yet

Well, ■■■■. Thanks @Delriach and Ramon!

Hear, hear!

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add online training mode!

What about command training? Kinda challenging to try a new character without an in-game guide.

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I hope you guys realize that asking for a separate and probably difficult addition is not a good way to thank people for hard work.

Really glad you devs did this.


I would take it as a, “We love what you did here, so we’d like you to do more awesome stuff.” A compliment to their good work in a sense. Though I do understand the other side.


I’m slightly curious what you mean by Re-generate.

I was under the impression the frame data in training mode is a result of just some text being displayed in the appropriate fields, or having an manually entered value upon which the game looks to as a variable and displays it during the appropriate trigger in training mode (when the move connects and attack data is displayed).

But when you put it in terms of “Re-generating”, it hardly sounds like a simple observed value entered into a text line, and instead the game is actively reading the move and determining these values as they occur.

Can you explain some of the science as to why the frame data changes aren’t so simple?

I’m not trying to be a jerk about it either, so please don’t misunderstand my intent. I am very curious though as to why the level of complexity in generating those, and maybe the how, if those questions aren’t too intrusive, or are too complicated a matter.

I am grateful for the change in frame data though, thank you @Delriach and Ramon for the extra effort.