Trading cards discussion and possible mural posters

So with the figures coming out I was wondering about other collectibles. I currently have 5 decks of KI (2014) cards that I got from Evo, 2 Jago decks and 3 Sabrewulf decks. The guy handing them out back then said there would be more but nothing came from that. Is there any possibility that this line of cards would continue?

The other topic is Mural posters, physical posters of the season 1 and 2 murals (and 3 when that comes out) what do you guys think?

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Man I wish I could have purchased one of each of those decks.

Here’s to hoping they expand the card game.

I don’t mind selling the other 3 decks off when I dig them up. I only got them because the guy kept handing me them every time I got in line to play. I’m still wondering who was behind the creation and distributing of the cards. Doesn’t seem like any of the team here know about that.

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