Tournement Mode?

I remember this being on the old forums, so let’s bring it back! Now thinking about this, it seems like a great idea to put in, and it might be easier for online tourneys to use this! (But I wouldn’t want it to die like SF4’s tourney mode and not be used…)

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I have been wanting this since Season 1, it would be so good for online play. The problem might be that my vision includes the ability to add up to 64 players to a tournament and for results to be updated live through social media lol

Well 8 players would be a start. Fill a lobby and start a tournament. Make it happen IG. :slight_smile:

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Tournament is kind of a must. Make it HUGE. 128 players. Well that is a bit much but 32 or 16?

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Also, I would like tournaments with fun or interesting rules. Not just picking your best character or access to all moves. A bit of variety in the rules is also welcome than just putting 32 people together.

Of course you can discuss and set rules yourselves, but I would like to GAME ITSELF to come up with interesting options on the screen (provide the interface). So for example:

  • I would like a “random” character tournament, where you pick season 1, 2 or 3 and the game picks a character randomly from the season you indicated.
  • Or fully random tournament mode, where you don’t know which character you will get out of the entire roster. Imagine you have to duke it out using a character you have never used before.
  • a setting rule where only characters from one particular season battle it out.
  • no shadow or instinct tournament


Didn’t Xbox release an app a few weeks ago that pretty much does what a tournament mode would do?