Tournaments and food

Just something i wondered about the other day. For the people that have traveled to offline tournaments and stuff, whats the food been like in such places? My profession is a chef and i know that the food can be awesome or downright disgusting (unfortunately). But just curious.

Tagging some people i believe have traveled…

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It depends on where the tournament is, what kind of food is in walking distance around it, or if you have a ride or are willing to uber/taxi to food.

Most cities that have tournaments have absolutely amazing local things to try if you are willing to go a bit out of your way. At events, its usually nearby fast food or sit down places, whatever you can walk to.

Look up the venue for the event you want to visit. Ask locals whats good.


When i went to NEC 17 the casino had crap food. The hotel Radisson was decent but that casino had no options.

When I went to ECT last year the food in thw hotel itself was over priced to the extreme which was kind of expected. There was a Dominos in walking distance that saved the day. I’d say never buy whats in the venue and take a minute to ask what food is around, you’ll save a lot of money that way

Are you going to ECT this year?

If KI is there this year and it’s not a 6+ hour drive than yeah

What majors are close to you?

Yeah I’m not really the person you should be asking about food. I eat like 5 things lol

…we have to talk about this.

If i remember right, hes a high schooler. And i can confirm high schoolers eat like 5 things…

Namely pizza, cheese, chicken, ranch and fries…

Worked as chef for a whole school district…it doesnt really surprise me on how limited your taste is so far. :slight_smile:

@ItzTymeToDul NEC 17 was at a casino? Sheesh, would have been at all suprised if games ran late because someone got hot at a blackjack table…


At CEO, there are a bunch of restaurants and fast food places. International Drive is a popular spot in Orlando. But I think everyone just went to the Wawa next to the venue. Good food, but it’s not the healthiest :joy:



…i love sonic but i can’t convince myself to like silver.


Don’t blame you. lol

God damnit sonic 06 :grimacing:

I wish Denver had majors… I know some good local food joints.

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luckily ki world cup is in san antonio, there are so many good places to eat in that beautiful city. if you got the money, and it aint too far, the river walk is killer for selections

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