Top players want to KI but no because of mechanics

J Wong still wants to pick up KI but the breaker system once again is the reason he’s turned off like any other top competitor

Yeah and? What’s your point? Why should I care that someone else doesn’t play? We have plenty of talent here, in the community without these guys.


Because ppl ■■■■■ and moan as to why tournament numbers are so low yeah because no one wants to play a game where your skill is for nothing when it comes to ppl being super confident in guess breaking

Let’s be honest. Offline tournament showings are pretty bad at this point. I think what dude was implying is that we need other big names to come out and support the scene by showing up for these tournaments. I think that’s what he’s saying at least. I can only hope and pray that KI isn’t too far gone and we’ll see more people coming out to these offline tournaments in Season 3.

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I’ll connect with some players’ mentalities, others I will not.

If there’s too much risk to play, I really do suppose why do it? Always better to be the best of the safest.
I have a sweet spot for the crazy ones… I mean Spinal and Cinder facing off at SOCAL’15!!! Hells YA!

Exactly thankfully Simone else pays attention instead of assuming what I’m saying is there is 4-5 top competitors in that tweet saying s2 mechanics don’t focused of fundamental gameplay

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I’m referring to CDJr’s tweet but I can see how a person who’s into traditional fighters is annoyed by getting broken after baiting out a DP and punishing accordingly. That does get annoying but I’m not sure how they would be able to tweak the breakers in this game to “fix” that. Maybe an opponent could break only after I go through the basic opener - auto double - linker. If I don’t finish off with an ender from a short combo then it’s fair game to try and break if I try and extend my combo. Even that might have problems of its own. I don’t know. At the end of the day, we can’t please everyone…

Edit: Added auto double

This idea that KI needs to source its high-level player base from traditional fighters is, I think, a flawed one. I mean, yeah, a lot of spectacular players came over from those games – including our last two Evo champs – but ultimately you can’t expect any game that isn’t, well, Street Fighter, say, to carry over anywhere close to the entire competitive scene for Street Fighter. The game is going to meet different tastes, and train up its own generation of high-level players, some of whom may not even be interested in the rest of the FGC – and if you’re even paying any attention at all to KI tournaments, you should’ve probably noticed by now that that’s already happening. Crossover with the rest of the FGC is fine and welcome, but not something to get hung up on.

I feel like SFIII had a period of time as the obscure, non-traditional game that the pros weren’t into because of obscure mechanics. So, obviously, did Smash. KI, being relatively new, doesn’t seem to be in terrible company.


Exactly! Well said!

And what about not changing the game for 4-7 ppl who are good in other games, and instead we focus in the already good players of this specific game that we already have?

A COD player doesn’t want to play battlefield cause he doesn’t like vehicles and wants kill streak bonus. Should he complain to EA about that? Quit the tanks so I can play lik COD in your game!!

Are you focusing in tournaments scene only? Well, I only(ONLY!!!???) play the game online, for fun, with my friends, so do THE VAST MAJORITY of players.

This is not a game for an “elite” players. It’s for anybody who wants to give it a chance.

Dunno, if you like combos and not breakers… there is marvel
If you like fundamentals, there is divekick
If you like unreactable mix ups there is mk
I like KI, why not mantain its unique flavor instead of adapt for a small crew of players?


this quote

I prefer s1’s characters. S2 introduced some gimmicky/complex stuff & lost some of the emphasis on fundamentals


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Justin Wong is irrelevant to KI now. No one gives a damn about what he thinks. Let him stick to SF.


You have to keep in mind, and this is the reason I’m not particularly obliged to give them due course, these players are only serving themselves. They have very little interest in the community or letting KI be what it is. They want to win and make money. That’s fine because we all like to win, but expecting the game and by extension the rest of the community to change to a standard that you feel best serves you winning is selfish. These people do not have our best interests in mind no matter what they say.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to much to me. I just want to play KI, so I’ll play whatever IG and MS decide to give us. Let me just say this though. People talk about noobs and scrubs all day, but my honest opinion is that most of the behavior being displayed by the people mentioned in these discussions fits the scrub bill. Maybe “pros” can stop making excuses and play the game the way it is meant to be played.


Hit the nail on the head right there sir. They all play to win and want the game changed so it better suits their play style. I say sod it, I love the game for what it is. Season 2 introduced more complex characters ( God forbid).
I love the s2 guys as much as the s1 guys and to be fair ig/ms did say they were coming.

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Dont change the breaker system. Especially to get certain players or better turn outs at tourneys. I would call that “selling out”.

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Still bothers me a little the S1-S2 war. I love the game as a whole, not it’s separated parts

Why not have a “Version” select like Ultra Street Fighter IV?
Just balance it out as both seasons have mechanics the benefit certain characters/match ups.

Because it would split the community and since we’re trying to grow it, that would be the last thing that we would want to have happen.


We have our own top players. To hell with them if they’re not down.

Who cares about the top players. New blood comes in all the time. People can come and go. In this particular scenario, the player needs to change, not the game.

“it’s all about taking risk because ppl are confident in breaking.”

No really wong? Really, you don’t say tell me more, please, I am enlightened by your comment.

Combo-breaking has been KI’s thing since it’s debut back in the 90s. Then they brought it back from nothing and I say it was quite the hit.

If other top players don’t want to get into it, that’s fine. Not like KI needs you anyway. Combo-breaking on a whim in this day and age still feels “not cool” or “it’s too cheap” or “all my hard work has gone down the drain.”

People just can’t take a risk it seems. And that directly contradicts with wong’s playstyle. He doesn’t like to take risks often.

Well wong, KI isn’t or you. Time to carry on with life then.