Top 32 rewards: Should KI go the smite route with costumes?

bFor the people that get top 32 should not only get stars but like a exclusive skin for each character like how smite does would be pretty dope imo and maybe a prestige card

I don’t agree. In my opinion getting top 32 isn’t about being the best player but more about devoting the most time.

For example I see a guy with a 1500/500 w/l ratio in top 32, in my opinion that’s not very good he just spends alot of time.

I can only play about 100 matches a month but I will get about 80 or 90 wins if I only play my main. Why would I need to miss out on those costumes?

The bar would be too high and people would be too salty to be locked out of costumes, make 'em available to everyone in a reasonable way or dont, just look at how people (myself included) felt when they had Astral Plane locked behind a too hard mode (which was fortunately fixed)

Small KI Gold rewards would be cool, or Shadow Lords items.

As said above, getting into top 32 asks a lot of time and also some luck. So giving an actual usefull and unique reward would be sort of encouraging people to spend too much time for most likely a small reward, wich doesn’t seems realy healthy to me.