Top 32 forcing d/c for points

Krathius in top 32 atm and has forced a d/c 5 times in a row to get him free points in character select. If ranked still matters these days lol

Hm, I also disconnected from character select when I faced him. However I got a good 1000 points when he did it so I’m not complaining.

Can I face you in a set? I’d like to get my bum handed to me by you.

Sure, just add me and invite me if you see me online.

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If you think somebody is manipulating the system, pm a dev with a recorded vid. They’ll investigate. Best not to name and shame on the forums.

Not I think, I know. I have no proof b/c I didn’t record it.

Oh well, I only did tip 32 b/c I was already close Playing casually earlier in the week.

GGs to your RAAM. Sorry for playing off at times. I should’ve just stuck to zoning from the beginning.

Some things: never jump in unless you want to eat an anti air

Possibly use FADC more?

Try not to poke into the stab special a lot on block since it is an easy shadow counter and the heavier versions aren’t a true block string. Work on the hit confirm if possible. I think hit confirming is some of the hardest stuff to do tbh.

Your wakeup wasn’t bad. Mixed it up when i started grabbing the kryll special. Could possibly risk a command grab wake-up too since it beats normal grabs.

My point is, name/shaming is generally looked down upon and can cause flame wars (on the old forums we actually had a thread just for it and it was disruptive for the community).

Anytime you encounter suspected cheating you should record the vid and pm a dev with the link. Let them be the judge jury executioner.

I don’t doubt what you’re saying about that top 32, but the proper way is to report it to a dev. They WILL act upon it.

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the same thing happened to me to, i just got my 50 points yesterday , so i doubt its intentional

You shouldnt throw krathius under the bus. He is a phenomenal shago.