Top 3 for Counter Picks

I know for most us the best strategy is probably to learn a single character and their match ups well instead of counter picking. BUT…

If you could master any three characters in order to best counter pick the entire roster who would you pick and why?

Well if you want to counter pick the whole cast just play Fulgore.


Yep. Just main him like I do

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Just one person. That’s all I need.

I’d put Glacius and Fulgore as two pretty good counterpick characters. Glacius can give some of the rushdowns problems, and Fulgore will zone out slow characters and doesn’t really lose any MU’s. For the third pick, I’m not really sure.


What I meant was not to pick one character but if you could choose from a group of three characters that TOGETHER would counter the entire cast.




I don’t know I main fulgore and I think he might lose to spinal in season 3 in season 2 I could care less but know his new skull prevents meter for the majority of the match. Like the regular skull prevents his instinct so now my comeback factor was completely nullified. But I don’t know maybe the match up is even.

Well, however you feel about the MU in S3, it was worse in S2. In S2 Spinal didn’t just stop meter gain - he actively stole it to feed his own shenanigans. I can’t imagine the fight is any worse for Fulgore now than it was in S2.

Probably not but I fought less spinal in season 2 so I don’t really know.

I’d go with Fulgore, Glacius and Wulf.

Fulgore I can approach every situation comfortably, Glacius can give me some sick instinct mixup potentials and Wulf is just nasty with his feral combos.

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Omen beats fulgore.