ToothlessGaming (Hi Im Keith) Twtich Livestream

This is the archive for Streams, Schedule and Highlights for the ToothlessGaming live stream ran by player Hi Im Keith. Follow this thread for updates for the stream.

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Weekdays 8pm-Midnight EST
Weekends whenever.

Stream Highlight VS Rebelo. SHADOW KEITH!

damn dude are you actually toothless!? lol

Playing tonight with the rest of the Michigan crew tonight on this stream

Going Live Now playing Ranked Matches for the next few hours!

Going Live right now for a afternoon stream playing Ranked in KI to stay in Top 10 on the leaderborad!

Lol No, Toothless like the Dragon.

I watch his stream and it sounded liked he had a lisp.

Or maybe it was a bad mic, idk. His skills are on point tho.

Even I don’t know what it is.

Going live tonight right now! More Ranked to stay in Top 10.

Going live with new BetterTTV emotes!

Shoutouts to the user ximkolo for the $50.00 donation to make sure I eat at Frosty Faustings

Highlight - Kolo funds my trip to Frosty Faustings

Going Live now playing Ranked matches in the top 32 ladder!

Going live with Frosty Fausting training with UA Sickle

Going Live with KI Ranked!

Taking on all challengers today!


Ranked matches with Rippy