Too Much Retro?

Retro gaming is nothing new and has been very slowly dominating many new genres recently. However with the release of "Deer God (X1 Games with Gold offer) I suddenly asked myself are we being over saturated with retro delights?

I love retro gaming as much as anyone but does that feel of retro lose its touch if one is spoiled for choice? I’ve personally come to the point where I’ve sort of had enough of retro styled games and feel there are maybe far too many on the market now.



Blame minecraft. Retro gaming is one thing, I work in a retro store. Making a game look 8-16 bit and calling it a retro theme is another. That is a design choice more or less. If a game is designed well, and the gameplay is good, or the story is great, it deserves a playthrough. Just because the art may be crappy in your eyes doesn’t mean the game is bad. Somethings are overdone, cough cough Halo, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, cough cough many more but anyways, you just have to find your niche. I collect high replay value Nes and Snes games and play Killer Instinct and a few PC games.

8-bit stuff yeah, there’s alot.

I find that people tend not experiment much anymore, creative risks seems to be rare these days.

unfortunately we’ll be stuck in between folk trying to to be Geektastic and those other guys that are oooh so dark, edgy, and serial.

I don’t understand why people complain so much for next gens to have these amazing capabilities graphic wise then developers come out with games that look like they were meant for the SNES or PlayStation 2.

I can understand the appeal of old games. I can understand wanting remaster those games or make spiritual successors in the modern age. I certainly understand that graphics are not the most important thing in the world. However, I feel like I tend to draw the line at games and products intentionally look awful by trying to ape the graphics limitations of yesteryear.

The 8-bit retro craze just holds zero appeal to me. I can handle with a pixel art style. Doom is still in my opinion one of the greatest games ever made, and the graphical style has aged well (especially with gzDoom and Brutal Doom active.) That’s because they actually look like art, like characters. 8-bit in my opinion looks pretty lazy, and is actually somewhat painful to look at. I can appreciate finding ways to make things look right under difficult circumstances and with limited tools, but this is a bit silly.
Same goes for sound and music. I like old school, bleepy video gamey music like the Doom soundtrack or certain electronica artists. I.e when its done WELL and done tastefully. But when it’s done for no other reason than “retro cred” its just not interesting.
If people want to relive their fondest memories in old school gaming, I’d rather they imitate the GAMES rather than the GRAPHICS, The gameplay is what made the games good. The innovation is what made the games good. Very rarely do the graphics make the game good.
Feel free to debate, but I’m just really glad that this topic is being brought up by someone else. Thank you OP, you helped lift a big chip on my shoulder.

I’d blame it on the fact that nostalgia and the like are also playing a huge role. People are too tired of the new stuff or arn’t open minded enough to care so retro stuff appeals to many more of them. At least that’s how I’ve come to see it.

for some folks it has to do with graphics bein more important then gameplay. It’s pretty rare you find a game with good graphics and reat gameplay.

And Killer Instinct has both lucklily:).

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So far this decade in general has been focused on retro games, clothes, styled movies and music. It may just be a short phase of the '10’s but at this point, I’d say it’s the norm now and no longer should be called "retro ".