Too many jagos!

ia m getting tired of all the jagos I see on ranked…8 out of ten matches are jagos…come on ppl can we get some variety…i cant remember the last time I saw a cinder.or omen…or maya

You won’t be seeing a lot of S2 characters for a while. New players only have S1 from the gold thingy.

Right I forgot…and not to mention the whole…dojo mode is centered around jago --…heres hoping that they make a dojo for more.if not all characters soon so we can get plenty of variety ^^

Not to mention, his overpowered instinct which, effectively, means he has 3 life bars. Honestly, it’s so easy to land those fireballs on a juggle that they might as well start him off with 2.75 life bars.

I DID see a new Sadira the other day. My heart lept a little.


Really? 'cause as a player who’s played this game nearly since launch, I’ve certainly never been able to nail down the timing (granted, I avoid playing Jago moreso than other characters for the exact reason the OP has mentioned in this thread - there’s simply too many of them, and I hate going along with the mob). That being said, you won’t see me in ranked often either - I prefer the casual and friendly confines of exhibition and lobby mode, although I do need to work on some ranked achievements…