Too many different graphic qualities between characters

Hello the community, hello MS and IronGalaxy.

This message is not there to criticize pointlessly, but really for raised by the questions who I think are rather important.

The question is simple:

Why such a graph difference between characters?

For example, Thunder, Maya, Riptor or still glacius that I find just without almost none defects graphically; and then my look it concerns the hair of Orchid (and the face), on certain effects of strip of KanRa, Omen in him even, and now the realization of the face of KimWu and her hair.

And thus my second question:

Why not not worked again these characters who create a visual imbalance, and harmonize the cast?

These two questions are not for troller, or to create of the hostility; but really to understand and know if there will be a change.

The hair of Orchid shall never prevent me from playing has Killer Instinct, but I really think that a harmony picture of the game would be more a seller for him.

Thank you for killer instinct, MS and IronGalaxy


Want to open you a community bottom for redo the face and the hair of Orchid and other certain visual aspects of games?


Kiss at Keith.

There are a few discrepancies, I feel its a side effect of the seasonal format and its deadlines. I would like to see a graphical touch ups after this season(and hopefully a bundled retail release of all 3 seasons)

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