Tokyo Game Show 2016: [Update: First edition of EVO Japan in Jan 2018]

This is (now) a general thread to discuss the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016 and various games.

Thanks for your requests on TGS games that you had asked me to check out but due to work related reasons I am no longer able to visit the show in person.

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Tekken 7! I know and believe in myself that they could reveal something new there…:wink:

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Can you ask about the next Naruto Ultimate Ninja game on consoles? Not the mobile one.

Virtua Fighter 6 i NEED that in my life.

I know it’s not a fighting game, but I’d like to see more stuff about Berserk: Musou. But if your priority is fighting games, then I won’t hold it against you if you don’t get to it.

Okay, I will keep an eye out for Berserk stuff too.

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Sure. I will see if there’s any stuff at the show.

I hope they will reveal Soul Caliber 6 trailer! :smiley:

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Soul Calibur is another game that I need to keep an eye out for indeed. Good call.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! Dragon ball is the only reason I look at TGS news lol


Gotcha covered.

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Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Sf5, and you know what? All fighters big or small. If you can.

Well, the hype is officially killed: I need to work and will have to skip this year’s TGS. My apologies as I watch TGS together with the rest of you on a PC or mobile phone browser :crying_cat_face:

I will keep this as a general thread for TGS tidbits instead.

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Apparently some EVO news was on Shoryuken: EVO Japan. More news at TGS, maybe??

was announced this past EVO. It’s a thing

First edition of EVO Japan is coming in January 2018.

Now will we see MS promote KI in Japan at TGS 2017 to make sure it appears at EVO Japan?

@TempusChaoti @developers @rukizzel

A new bloody roar please. The series needs a revival. :sob:


Konami says they dont care, but hey at least you get a soccer game and metal gear survive.

Don’t buy those there nothing more but cash grabs.